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New Fishing Lures: Evergreen Shower Blows and Gary Yamamoto's Slink-O Worm

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A new stock of Evergreen Shower Blows lures is now available. A new worm offering from Gary Yamamoto called the "Slink-O" is also available. It is a salty floating worm with a ringworm style body that can be used in various fishing methods such as drop shotting or flipping. It will be popular among anglers next year.

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Video Transcription

What's up out there, are you anglers? This is just landed and due to popular demand, we got all the sizes in the shower blows back in stock but we added the new little 77 size but we do have the 1 25 the 105 as well. The 1 25 being my favorite size. V very popular up here is the 105 for smallmouth anglers. If you're just targeting smallmouth, that one oh five is a great size. I have caught them on a 1 25 though that this 1 25 size, you can throw a country mile. So if you're fishing anywhere where they're schooling fish or anything like that, you might want to look at the big giant size, trust me, they eat it. And the new little sizes in the 77 are here. So thank you for all you to fill out those wish list. It was a big surprise actually figuring we'd see the Jackhammer or some other stuff up top.

But no, it was the Evergreen shower blows and they're back in stock now with the new size and next we have a new worm offering from the king of worms. Gary Yamamoto. So this is the slink oh, this is a salty floating worm. So this is actually like a ringworm style body. Very popular up in my neck of the woods for a long, long time being drop shotted or fished on what we call a jig worm with an exposed hook. The traditional ringworm. This one floats. So you think about the applications like an oversized net rig fishing on a flip shot, deep nico rig and all that stuff, it's gonna stand straight up and down.

Or if you put some bigger hook in it and you have it on like a flip shot, like a bait caster drop shot with a bigger hook that the thing will sit perf horizontal in the water because it floats. So this could be a really interesting one. We'll have to see how this one plays out. I have a gut feeling. This is gonna be a big one next year for all the anglers up in my neck of the woods, all the way down south. Doesn't matter where Yamamoto, Yamamoto usually make some fish catching stuff. All this stuff is on the site. Now, go check it out and thanks for watching.