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New Fishing Products from Yamamoto and Geecrack: The Latest Innovations in Fishing Technology

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New fishing products from Yamamoto and Geecrack have been introduced. The products include a new craw bait and jig trailer from Yamamoto, and new bait styles such as the Kemushi and the jack master rib style boot tail swim bait from Geecrack. These products have unique features and potential uses, and are expected to be popular among anglers.

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Video Transcription

What's up everybody. This is just landed and we got some cool ones today. In fact, we got a whole bunch. We're gonna spend the whole day going over new products because we have so much of it here, which is good news. I'm happy to see all this new stuff flowing in. We're gonna start off with some real popular brands already with some cool additions new baits from that. Starting off with Yamamoto baits. This is the Yom across. This is a big gap in their line. You've heard that from their social media posts. They knew they didn't have a craw bait slash jig trailer for all your jig fishing applications. Any anything like a Carolina rig, football jig anytime you're dragging that crop presentation. This thing's got such aggressive flappers on. I bet it's gonna be a good swim jig trailer. Be lots of uses for this cross style bait. Obviously not uh not unknown to the fishing industry. This cross chunk style trailer or cross style bait but new to Yamamoto and what they did was unique. Yamamoto is always known for sinking fast because the density of their bases so much salt and sand in them. Uh This one actually floats so similar to a lot of your plastics, plastics that are real stretchy and all that. These actually float up off the bottom. It's not as durable as some of the other plastics, which makes it a little softer, a little bit more stuff, a little easier to rig. Uh but this thing is actually gonna float up in the defensive position on the bottom. Uh it's larger than I pictured when we ordered it. This is a four inch craw, it's pretty big. I imagine cutting it down for the jig fishing trailer, you know, fishing as a jig trailer for myself. But I'd leave it completely full for flipping applications or maybe even on a swim jig to get a long trail off of it. Could you run this thing out of chatter bait? There's a whole bunch of options with this thing and it's cool to see Yamamoto get into the craw game. So sure this will be a big seller, you get a nice big clam pack with them so that's gonna keep the claws straight, which is nice feature. I know storing some of these sometimes gets frustrating for anglers but it does protect your investment in your baits, you don't get a bunch of cross that are throwing up gang signs and stuff they send us tend to have better action that way.

So next up is Geecrack, you know, the Geecracks are super popular brand for us. We have some new baits here. I have not got to fish with any of these baits yet. So these ones are all new to me, Some real winners. Looking here. This one's called the Emo cashew mushi mushi. So looking to me like we have something along the lines of something like a cover scat. It's slotted, it's very dense and thick, so this is gonna sink, being fished. Weightless, just fine. Uh it's got a bunch of skirting material plucked through it, so it's gonna have a lot of action even for a subtle finesse bait falling down through the water column. I'm imagining this could be fish just like very popular cover scat, just like a sank, oh, this could be nico rig. There's a bunch of different options and ways of fishes. You can even fish this like an oversized ned rig. I mean it's got a flat surface on this end. This thing would sink pretty fast through the water column, but I'm sure there's some big giant net head jig out there. You can throw in this thing too. But I'm looking forward to see what you guys tell us how to fish this thing because it's pretty cool.

Next up we have the jack master uh this is a rib style boot tail, swim bait from geecrack. If your Geecrack fan, you want to try a new style swim bait or a new swim bait to them, check this thing out. It's got a cool slot up top for a, for a hook point for uh if you want to text post debate or get your hook point hidden in there. If you're fishing in grassy situations, it's a little harder than I'd imagined it being. So probably a little bit more durable than some of the competitors. It does have that, that very buttered popcorn smell.

Next up is the earthy worm. I didn't pop this out because they're pinched inside of there but kind of a centipede looking worm with a forked tail, checked these out on the site to get more details on the cool thing with these. They come with a sample six pack of their Nico hack which is a little T shaped prongs that you stick in your bait and you can run your hook point through. It's pretty unique. I have not tried this Niko act yet and just because they're giving us a free six pack sample, it's a good idea. I'm gonna try it now. So check out these, the new earthy from Geecrack here.

Next up and last is the Bellows gil swimmer. I'll bet you we fly through these. I'm sure all you bellows gil fans. This one has a little boot tail on it and you can see it's meant to be fished horizontally or vertically. Sorry. Uh it's hard to say which way that is vertical or horizontal when it comes to the Bellows gil, I typically fished it horizontally with the E. W. G. Style hook in it. This has a boot tail on it. So it really does look like a gill now it's shaped more in that shad profile. It's got a solid body running through these ribs so you can fish it with a big swim bait hook in it. You can fish it with a jig head in it but now you have a bluegill shaped boot tail swimmer. So, pretty cool stuff here from Geecrack. Great addition from Yamamoto about time on the cross. So you're gonna have a big player now and your jig trailer game or just craw baits flipping cross. Uh The Imo cashew, me. I can't wait to have some sort of contest with this on how you fish this thing. The Jack Master swim bait, the earthy worm and you've got the bellows gil swimmer, grab these quick, they're gonna go, but we've got lots more on order. Lots more to come for. Just landed. Stay tuned.