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Just Landed: YUM, Zoom, and Jackall

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We couldn't pick just one, so here's a few new baits that appeared on the loading dock! These make great additions to the Omnia assortment.

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Video Transcription

With all the hubbub around the Classic, a couple of things snuck by me and my bad. So here you go. We're going to let you know what just came in recently. We got forward facing sonar minnows. These are Jason Christie's sonar minnows that came. He won the Classic on Hartwell, at least caught some key fish on the little three inch version. Now there's a four and a five inch version. Happy to see this. So everybody stops buying up all the Sakamata Shads. There's a whole bunch of new baits coming from other people. Check out the other minnows on the market too, like a four and a five inch sonar minnow. Come on.

Next up, this is the Shimmer Minnow [Shad] from Zoom. This is a bladed jig trailer. So this style of bladed jig trailer is my favorite style, or they have that forktail, but on vertical and the body is segmented behind it here. So it has a little bit more action, but it doesn't have a boot tail. So it doesn't kill that action of that blade, that hunting action up front by the blade. So cool addition from Zoom. There's a lot of Zoom fans out there and they finally have a bladed jig trailer for you.

Next up is one that you might have missed if you weren't paying close attention to some of the Elite tournaments last year. Forward facing sonar type lure here. This is the Riser from Jackall. So this can be fished just onto the surface or on the surface, depending on how you retrieve it. But this bait, when you realize it's going to come up to the surface and make a commotion on the surface, perfect type of bait for schooling fish. You can keep it up over their heads and draw them up if they're feeding on a topwater. I think your hookup ratio on this would be pretty good too. It's kind of like a jerkbait that stays sub-surface or swims around on the on the surface. So do your own research on this one. It's kind of a sneaky one. We got a bunch in stock. I did already look when I pulled this, this snuck in behind me last week and a bunch of them was sold. So look for these sign up for the Instac notification of any colors that sold out so we know what more to grab. Take care. Go catch them. [Music]