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Bass On The Rocks (NEW Rapala Rocco!) by Lindner's Angling Edge

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Are you ready to take your fishing game to the next level? Look no further than the new Rapala OG Rocco bait. This innovative lure is designed by Ott DeFoe, one of the top bass anglers in the industry, and is part of the highly successful OG Series. Perfect for both smallmouth and largemouth fishing, the OG Rocco is sure to be a home run for anglers of all levels. With its thumping vibration and ability to catch fish even during challenging weather conditions, it's no wonder why this lure is quickly becoming a top seller among bass fishermen. Don't miss out on the chance to add the OG Rocco to your tackle box and reel in the big ones.

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Video Transcription

There, there, there, see that right there, that's them. They're running a little better. We should get him nice bass. I've seen him on the mega live right in front of the boat. Nice start fish. Nice start fish. Oh it's a big brown batch. I like that little spot lock on here. Nice start fish.

Come here, come here, come here. About six casts and we're on the board, we are on the board. Nice way to start the next day and a half. Here's the deal. I got out of my office, I got a chance to get away fish alone for a little while, which I like to do every year and experiment with a couple of our marketing partners new products. One of the product is this new frank bait from Rapala. It's called the OG Rocco And uh that whole OG Series has been really a great series and I want to fish it a little bit to feel like I'm on. I know really well. It's got large mouth, it's got smallmouth in it and I'm gonna be able to fish about four hours today. The weather's cool. It's going to go into the high thirties tonight and tomorrow is going to bump up to maybe 60 degrees of this. Two thirds of tomorrow. I expect to catch myself enough fish to have confidence in the new raffle ogi rocco. So you're my partner in the boat for the next day. Day and a half.

Got him, feels like a good one. That feels like a good one. That feels really good way. Bulldogging, nice bass. It wasn't, couldn't tell if it was a brown or a black. Oh yeah nice large mouth. Where was it? No, nothing so Smalley again I think. Yeah yeah. Another nice molly. Yeah another nice smallmouth.

Well I am quickly whoa, don't bounce around, don't bounce around. Uh I am quickly getting confidence in Rocco. Nothing builds confidence faster that setting the hook and that's like this, this bait right now. It's perfect conditions for cranking my water temperatures. Uh you know where I'm reading 51 to 52 ish. You know, good crank bait a time. That's the magic time. Small mouth large mouth will catch a number of good fish the next day and a half cranking away and now just this bait, by the way this rocco is designed by Ott DeFoe, one of the best bass anglers in the business today and he came up with the whole yogi concept and in the last few years that OG Series of baits has been a home run. It's one of the hardest selling hard baits in the bass world today.

Got him right by the boat. Whoa! It feels like a big large mouth man there there holy mackerel feels like a big fish you know it's a big big Smalley again. I know this is one of my favorite large mouth spots. Oh he came off the swarm chased my large muscle off of here you get these cold weather days like this wind blowing out of the northwest. You know, pretty cold fish like, like a smallmouth bass. They don't even care, you know that this time of year they've been living under the ice for so long. They said, I don't care about fronts. I don't care if wind decided to north, south, east west. I don't care if it's windy or calm. I'm gonna eat for a little while. That's the attitude of a Smalley. That's why I like fishing for
That's why I like fishing for him so much. Especially this time of the year. Even again in fall, those front stage, they don't bother them as much as they do the large meth. They're like, just, just like to bite and fight.

Man. This bait feels good. You can really feel that thumping boy. Just a thumping. Real good vibration to it. Yes. Got him. Color. Pretty lazy fish. Looks like a little large mouth. There's another one was with, it's a small way again. There was another one with him up there. Well, you were a lazy one. All right. Yeah. Come here, Hate another one with him down there. Kind of a Skinny one. Hm. See what you got going here. Oh, he got off on me. Oh, he came back another smallmouth at the four. You didn't know you made a good smallmouth bass. You thought this was just for a large mountain, a real good spot right here coming up the point of rocks and saddles and then there's a mega, big boulder at the end of it. Big fish, thank you.

Whoa, whoa, Nice large mouth, nice large mouth kind of large mouth. We come here for nice fish. Big fish. Oh yeah, you big Oh wait till you see how she ate that baby. She wasn't shy about eating a rocko. Nice large mouth. Look at, look at that man. Oh man, I knew when she stopped that bait. Yeah, I said, oh boy, that's a good fish. Right, I gotta get my players. They're good at very, very clean. Nice looking fish licks. Got a lot of large mouth like this. That felt so good. So good for an up up north. Large E. That's a large, get her back. That was a good fish.

You can't beat balsa for action. You can't do it with plastic and all the rappers, baits like this. These are balsa baits and the action is amazing. And at this particular it's a little wider than the other OG S. And the wobble is so tight. Look at the hooks, they are like needles, needles. It's a great bait. It's another another great bait to add to your tackle box for a large mouth and small mouth. But again, I can't say enough about balsa balsa balsa. The action that the bait gets out of balsa is something special. Got him good fish. Big big bass. I think big fish though wants to come up like a big large mouth that looks like a big large mouth Like that other 10 Yeah, nice big fish. Big Large, big large, big mama, big mama, big mama, I was in a tournament, I'd be screaming, come on baby, come on baby, come on baby. Big big donkey. Oh man. Oh, whoa boy, that's a pig and a half. Holy smokes. Holy mackerel, That's getting up to one of the bigger bass that I will get in Minnesota this year on a rock. Oh my first day crank in Morocco. So do you think, I don't, my confidence is sky high baby. When you start putting them in a boat like this, it don't get much better than that. Yeah, you know, and today is just day one, you know, I don't know, I got about six hours to fish tomorrow. I dumped another fish just before that, a big walleye and then in this big toad.
So I wish I had a scale right away here. This is one big Minnesota largemouth. Let me clue you. Let's get that baby back for another year. That right, big boulders right here, someplace. Got him, big big fish again. Big big large mouth again. This is we are on the mother lode, Mother lode, She ain't like that last one, but she's a pretty darn good one. All right. Another big one, back to back, Just about, I'm slowly getting these babies pattern for the first night.

The conditions are so right with this weather change coming in coming into, let me put her back here real quick that weather changes. Got them really cranked up. It's gonna get very cold tonight to really crispy in the morning. But these fish are biting pretty good tonight, a little better than I may have anticipated. I didn't know what to expect when I got here every spot and boom to boom, boom, boom, some small mouth and large mouth. That's the magic of this time of the year.

You know when you get in and around that, that that 48 50 52 degree uh, baits like a crank bait in particular. You know, they work all year. But these style baits like this in that temperature range cranking in shallow water when those bass first come up, it is a dynamite dynamite way to catch fish. I don't know how many fish are caught and hard baits in a given season on bass. So let's talk bass. I can't even have a hazard to guess. How about you, how many bass are caught on hard, but how many bass did you catch cranking hard baits compared to spinner baits or bladed jigs or jigs or wacky worms and a big fish crank baits produce tons of fish and you've got to have them in your tackle box

And this is another home run, you know from Rapala. Am I selling the raffle a rock? Oh yeah, I'm selling the raffle of rocco because if you buy them and fish, you're gonna catch more fish. I promise you that these guys make baits that work. Oh right by the boat. Right by the boat, wow, that's pulling like a brown bass. I don't think that's a large, you know, it is a larger, yeah, another large mouth man. This one's on fire. This was almost a flipper. Oh yes, yeah, so flipper.
Well, you had a little spunk to you, baby, you liked eating their thing, and chunking is chunking it around. Good, healthy-looking fish just coming in to take a quick second and talk a little bit about.

I gotta sit down here, my back and my knees are hurting. I'm getting old things don't work the way they used to. This is, this is a mojo glass made for cranking mojo glass cranking rod. This is the uh 6 10, which I kind of like, you know, I'm not making long casts. I got the longer rods for bigger baits for deeper water. I'm doing a lot of target fishing so it works really, really good.

The rod is a mojo glass bass, it's a medium power 6 10, moderate action and it's perfect for short shallow water cranking like this the reel is a dialect to tula 6.3 S. B. T. W. M. Q. This is the 103 series. It's an amazing real, it is super light, it's made out of material that that they keep making these Daiwa reels lighter and lighter and lighter. It's amazing. Amazing. And the line I'm cranking with this suffix floral carbon bread and butter, 10 pound test. Floral carbon. Can't go wrong.

Look at that. Look at that small mouth right there. All those are smallest, About 35 ft out. Got him, got him, got him. Oh boy, that was a good one there. I thought I had that one locked good school of bass. Ain't there staged up here going before they get back into that bay. Oh man, that was a pretty nice fish.

I'm on a point here, here feeding that big, big open water. This is the first big point, a rock saddle. I'm cranking across here and these fish will could be by tomorrow. Go up. There's a school of them here. They might go all the way back and spread all through this bay in back of me and start staging up a little bit shallower. But right now we've got, we've got a really good school of fish and a contact point. The first big point going back into a sporting bay, Does it get any better than that? And big boulders and rocks on it and eating crank baits, how sweet it is.
See see this here, that is a big boulder. That's right right out that boulder is 35 to 40 ft away. I just turned, It's a big giant boulder. It's about six inches under the water. This is the saddle coming up onto another shallow spot? But that mega boulder, I could see the top of it from here. Oh, he followed it up. He followed it up and just spun away. It was a bass, large mouth that looked like a large mouth, maybe a smallmouth.

Just when I turned turned, how many times have you had a crank bait coming in and just as soon as it changes direction by the boat goes up, you get bit, that direction will change, you know, you're naturally you try to change its direction when you're fishing the bait out, but that direction will change. That's why you read it, you cast out, you real at different speeds, You try to bump bottom, you pull it, you stop it, you pull it, you stop it, you jerk it, you know, you make it do different things and you get bit like this.

Good fish, Good fish. Oh, it's so nice to sit on a school of bass like this after a cold winter in Minnesota and you dream about a good bite like this. Yeah, mm. Come here another pretty good large mouth. You know, they're looking good, They're carrying a lot of weight on them. Boy, They've been sitting out there in this winter, sitting down in these deep weeds and the weather is just getting weather is just getting right warming to come.

That hook is an amazing hook. Amazing hook. Jr this is the junior. I don't mind catching juniors in between with the other ones. How about you? How about you? You know, I've had a phenomenal quick afternoon here. I didn't know what to expect. I knew I'd catch some fish, but I didn't know how good the bike didn't know the temperature, what it was gonna be. We've had some big smallmouth, we had some great large mouth fishing.

I got a new favorite bait that I like to fish with for a short afternoon on the lake. It doesn't get any better than that granted, I know the lake, I love fishing here, but it's a good time to come out, kick my season off. I like being alone for a little while while. I'm learning new baits. I just absolutely have had a phenomenal day and I want to thank you for joining me on my spring extravaganza with a new lure. I love it.