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Big Bite Creature Baits for Heavy Cover

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Some of the best baits out there for picking apart heavy cover, the creature profiles from Big Bite Baits have a shape and profile for every flipping and pitching scenario on the water.

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Video Transcript

Yeah. Oh, I see someone who knew this. Right on the end of this. Right on the end of this, yeah. Oh, oh. Yo, they were supposed to be out. Not a few, but a good way to start the trip. On a classic spot. Nice coontail bed in the middle of the lake with some rocks on it. I want you to know there's a big bass. That's what we're doing today is we're looking at some techniques for catching big old largemouth bass out of heavy cover. Oh, I'll just add another one. I'm going to make sure that I'm Spot lock. Because right now it is a time of plenty. When you land on schools and fish like this, it can be just lights out. Oh, big boy. Oh, and it's almost. Yeah, I lost mine. I love it. I love it. I love it. I love it. It beefed up right for these conditions and it's...

Once you get a taste of fishing this way, I like to call it combat fishing. You know, in heavy cover with the right equipment like this. Once you start doing this, you know, it's actually addictive. It really is. You wake up in the middle of the night, you know, waiting to hear that thump. It's like you get up and set the hook. Oh, there's another one. Oh. It's amazing how sometimes you just got to get the angle. And once you get that angle right, it's just bang, bang, bang, bang, bang. They're nice fish. Really nice fish. Kind of got Al in a bad spot the way the wind's blowing here. Believe me, I'll fish around you. Well, I'm re-tying here. I'll can crack on a fish and I'll kind of show you what the system is that we're using here.

So it's really as simple as hook line and sinker for this stuff. Now, one of the keys if you're fishing matted cover like we are today is to have some type of sinker stop on here. And this heavier stuff, three-quarter is kind of my go-to size. A three-quarter ounce tungsten jig. Tungsten is expensive, but absolutely worth it. It really gives you a good idea of what's down there. Oh, and Al's hooked up. We can get to this after he gets unreeling in his monster bass. Step up in the school. Step up. Ugh! Great fish. Yeah. I'm sorry to interrupt you. Go back and talk about tungsten. I mean, the thing is with tungsten, once you start fishing it, it's hard to go back to lead. It really is. It's hard to pick up lead again. Tungsten is the deal for that. Three-quarter, if I was to just pick a size that you'd want to have in your box for fishing a lot of these depths that are, you know, eight to about 15 feet. That's kind of the size, I would say, that really fits a lot of those situations. So you can see I've got a 4/0 extra heavy, and then what I'll do is I'll put this stopper right on there, cut the tag. We're in business. And then the plastics is a big deal. I'm fishing right now with, when I consider one of the greatest all-time summer baits, and that's a Craw tube. It's a big profile. It goes through cover really well. It's hollow. That's why I like this extra wide gap with those hollow baits. It's a big Al's fishing with the best flipping bait ever, a Big Bite Bait. There you go. Look at that little package. It goes through there nice and tight. Yeah, this is that new bait from Big Bite. It's called the BFE. Best flipping bait ever. And it goes through everything, man. I've been catching a whole lot of fish on it this year. In fact, I called down there a couple of days ago. It's the middle of summer here. I said, "Guys, I need to replenish my supply to bite spin that good." So I got a whole goody bag coming back up again. But it is a heck of a bait for these kind of conditions. You had that with the Craw tube. I don't think you need anything else in this type of cover. [music] I'm here like that. Right on the tip of the point. Oh, there we go. All right. Another big large milk. Man, this is a hoot. I'm fishing with the Craw tube right now, which I think is just one of the best all-around baits for doing this punching style or flipping style.

But Big Bite is an amazing plastics company. These guys know how to make plastics, and they make them in every shape, style, color that you can imagine for large, well, small milk. Walleyes, crappies, you name it. But a question that we get asked even more so than like, "What's your favorite soft plastic to use for bass?" What color do you like to use? And really to me, it's pretty simple. Some variation of green pumpkin is almost always a winner. And then secondly, especially in these darker colored lakes, dark colored baits , a black bait, a black and blue bait. When you see those baits in the water, they really stick out a lot of contrast. So if you've got something like this, it's a great bluegill imitator or something that's really dark. I'm telling you those two colors, you can't go wrong. And a couple baits that we love, of course, are the Craw tube and then that BFE . Boom, awesome. Yeah. Very nice. Large and in charge. But that fish was right under the bulk here. It's just perfect. I don't know how many times over the years I've done this. You know what? It never, ever, ever gets only free. (upbeat music) [BLANK_AUDIO]