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Stress Free Versatility: The Daiwa Tatula SV TW 103

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Daiwa's offerings are known for packing a punch when throwing around baits. Even when shrinking your presentation to a finesse bait, the SV spool has you covered casting it a mile.

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Video Transcription

There's one guy here, come here buddy. Oh you got one too, I got one, feels like a bass, you got another one in that same thing. There you go, that's a good fish. I got one slowly, it felt better than he was. I got him walking on the outside of his head. That's a good fish there. They're starting to get the little spring in their step. I got another buddy to look at that. That's cool. Let's see, we've got 1234 if your count is right and you're seeing 25 of them in there on the side imaging, I caught five of them so far. Five just like that. Got yours the reels we're using is the SV  TW 103 series Tatula. These are one of the newer real series in the Tatula  line and that they're lighter. They got a lot of super features and uh we're fishing 6.3 and it seems to be the most generic now. Years ago guys were talking 5.5 point all of that went by the wayside and almost every crank er I know is fishing the 6.3 these days you can control the bait a little better with it. It never fails every time I fish something new from the Iowa, it's better than I expected it to be. I love fishing with the Tatula SV for years. The SV or super free, versatile spool makes casting light baked into the wind breeze when you get this baby tuned right, it's almost impossible to backlash it building on the title, a platform. The total A S V t w 103 has many features from the total SV, but this baby is the smallest. Lightest SV real dial has ever made. It weighs in at only 6.7 ounces as the frame is constructed from aircraft grade aluminum. Of course, it has the T wing system for further cast and better accuracy. The real comes factory set so you don't need to adjust the mechanical brake, only fine tuned adjustments with magnetic dial. This is one sweet reel from the Iowa. You got to give this thing a try to really know how good it really is.