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Megabass Karashi Tackle Breakdown | Polish Pete

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A tiny morsel of a twitch bait is here from Megabass! Pete's going to run through what's the big deal about the Megabass Karashi.

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Video Transcription

Look at this tiny little thing. Oh, man. Can't hold onto this thing. Look at this tiny little thing. This is a little mini twitch bait. In the world we live in now, these little tiny hard baits are getting more and more popular. I don't know if that's forward-facing sonar related. I don't know if it's BFS related, that that's getting more popular. But we are seeing more and more tiny little hard baits hitting the market. And obviously in plastics too, we saw it with like the Ned Rig and things like that, downsizing and finessing up your equipment. It only makes sense we do it in hard baits too, right?

Well, Megabass has joined this party. And I think they've honestly had a lot of this stuff out for a while over in Japan, especially in the trout markets over there. They've been selling a lot of little small, tiny hard baits. And this one, I don't even believe was part of that BFS launch they had. This is just a bait that's been around a while. And now it's kind of working its way into that because you can throw it on BFS equipment. If you're not familiar with BFS, bait finesse systems, it's bait casting equipment to throw light line and light lures and small stuff that you typically throw the spinning rod. So this rod it would be probably best thrown on a spinning rod, right? Braid to a fluorocarbon leader or obviously honestly, mono makes even a little bit more sense 'cause this is a sort of a top water. It's a twitch bait really. It does slowly sink. So it's gonna get below the surface and you could twitch it around kind of side by side underwater if you wanted to and have it dart around. The more aggressively the work you work it, the more it makes its way to the surface and pops around up on the surface and twitches around on the surface. So it's perfect for schooling bass, really heavily pressured bass, anything like that matching forage 'cause let's face it, most of the forage or the bass we're catching or feeding on is more of this size than the bigger baits that we're throwing, right? So this is a perfect bite getter in tough situations or in a schooling fish situation and I bet you it's a blast to fish. Honestly, we just got 'em here recently so I have not fished this myself but I get it, right? And I do have been myself struggling to find a reason to throw BFS stuff 'cause I'm very comfortable with the spinning rod and I think spinning rods make a lot more sense of the light line just to fair fish landing purposes and fighting a fish but I'll tell you what, the more we throw the BFS stuff around here in the warehouse, the more we realize why people get so addicted to it 'cause it's fun and let's face it, fishing should be fun. So we want a fun way to go catch 'em, throw a tiny little twitch bait from Megabass on a BFS rod in real and I bet you it's a blast especially if you get a big one on. So kudos to Megabass for another cool bait in the Megabass lineup, the Karashi. (upbeat music)