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Megabass P5 Destroyer FMJ

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Pete has the details on exactly how a rod bends when it's loaded up with a fish. Here he's testing the Megabass (7'3" / Medium-Heavy / Fast) FMJ in the P5 Destroyer family.

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Video Transcription

What's up everybody? I'm here with the highly sought after Megabass P5 Destroyer line. We're going to be doing a bunch of bends of all the different models here. This one in particular happens to be one of the most requested models of the P5 line. This is the FMJ or Full Metal Jacket. This is a 7'3" medium-heavy power, fast action casting rod. In that world, that's one of the most versatile rods out there on the market today. A 7'3" medium-heavy fast action from across the board of all manufacturers. This one I know a lot of people view as a jig rod or a Texas rig rod. Obviously there's a whole bunch of stuff you can do with a 7'3" medium-heavy power rod. As I bent this thing, this thing would be really good if you're still using mono when you fish buzzbaits or something like that. It's a little stout actually I think for straight braid on some applications. This rod's got some meat to it, but it has a slower taper than I would consider super super fast. It's a smooth loading rod so you could get away with straight braid if you're more of a sweeping hook setter. If you're a slackliner or a hard hard hard hook setter, I would definitely maybe take it a little easy on running straight braid because this thing's got some backbone to it. It is powerful, powerful rod. Like I said, perfect jig rod, perfect Texas rig rod, but 7'3" medium-heavy fast action is a very versatile setup. Let's bend it over here and show you what the action is like on the Megabass P5 FMJ.

All right, I'm here with the Megabass P5 FMJ which is a 7'3" medium-heavy fast action rod. So I'm going to set the hook with my line taunt and the same grid pattern as all the others, and bam, there you go. That's a pretty decently hard hook set. And as you see, it is a fast action. What I mean by that is it's setting the hook really fast. I'm getting into the backbone quick, but visually it looks a little slower than a typical fast action would because this rod is loading on a little bit smoother of a curve than typical fast action rods. But trust me, with the power in the blank, it feels really fast. I'll do one here with a little bit more slackline in the same grid pattern there and bam. So I'm way up here now with that slack line, but as you see, this thing's loading really smoothly throughout the backbone. So really good rod if you're a braid to a leader person like I am on casting equipment. I know that's pretty risky nowadays still, but it is getting more and more popular every year. This is a very versatile rod with that kind of taper to it. So you could do a whole bunch of different techniques with it. But this thing definitely would shine with some bigger line and a jig or a Texas rig.