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Megabass P5 Destroyer Jungle Seven

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Pete has the details on exactly how a rod bends when it's loaded up with a fish. Here he's testing the Megabass (7'11" / Heavy / Medium-Fast) Jungle Seven in the P5 Destroyer family.

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Video Transcription

We are here with the Mega Bass Destroyer P5 Jungle 7. This thing's seven foot, 11 inches long. It's a heavy power and it's a medium fast action. So I'm excited to bend this one over here and see what the action truly is like when you load up this rod and see where the power is in this blank and where the hook setting power should be and the initial part of the hook set. This would clearly be some sort of flipping stick. And nowadays a lot of flipping sticks get dual purpose a lot of times for some swimbait action as well for throwing some big baits around some cover. So if you're in the market for a long powerful stick from the Megabass line, this is zero on. This is the 7'11" heavy power, medium-fast action Jungle Seven.

This is the P5 Destroyer Jungle Seven. This rod's 7'11" heavy power, medium-fast action. So let's check out this action and see how medium-fast it really is. Well, honestly guys, I would say that's exactly what they call it there. That's medium-fast. It's kind of like a lot of the other rods that was bending that was a fast action. As I was saying, I thought the taper was a little slower than expected. That's exactly what I expected to see with the name medium-fast. So that top third of the rod is what fast action would be bending when I load it up. But if I really give this thing power, as we're seeing, the action of the rod is slower. It's further down the rod than that top third. So it's a little slower than fast action, hence medium-fast. Pretty good Megabass spot on there, in my opinion with the action. Let's give it a little bit of slack line and see what the hook sets like with a little bit of slack line here. Oh yeah, there's lots of power in this rod. Don't let it fool you the way it's bending. This thing's got some meat to it. So that heavy power is quite accurate as well. And as you see, it's bending through almost halfway down the blank, but that top section of the tip there is pretty fast if you're just not putting a lot of pressure on it. So you can fish a bait like it's a fast action, but you can fight a fish and set the hook like it's a little bit more moderate, which I really like. That makes this rod really versatile. If you did want to throw a big swimbait on it in a jam, or if you want to flip really heavy cover with a really big weight and get fished through some really heavy cover, this is a perfect rod for that. The 7'11" Jungle Seven from Megabass. (upbeat music)