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Peepaw's Beatdown Mounts | Mike McClelland

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Beatdown makes some of the most solid mounts around! Whether it's for your deck or at your console, these mounts are solid pieces of metal that are built to last and have a variety of enhancing features built-in!

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Video Transcription

Hey everyone, Mike McClelland, professional angler here to talk electronics mounts. And I mean, with all the electronics that we as anglers are putting on our boats today, I don't care if you're a weekend angler or a full-time tournament professional, I mean, you want to have the best mounts for your boat. I've run a lot of different electronics mounts over the years, and I'm going to have to say that this Beatdown Outdoors system is by far the best electronic system I have ever found. The cool thing about what Beatdown does is they start by making a custom leveling plate for whatever boat manufacturer you have. This is actually a plate made by Beatdown to replace the original factory plate. All of the holes are the same, no need to drill new holes. Any cutouts that are in the original OEM plate are going to be there. So everything just screws right back into place, no new bolt holes. The other beauty of this is you have an access panel here before you put your mount on. So you can actually access your wires before you get your units mounted or after you get your units mounted, you can access wiring through this access hole.

The other awesome thing about the mount itself, this is a Double-stack, Ultimate Shorty, is the ability to raise this thing up and down, whether I'm in the fishing position or if I get to the point where I need to put it back into the running position. There's two adjustments on the Ultimate Shorty. First you've got this back adjustment which is going to bring the initial pull down. That's going to raise the unit about three to five inches. Then you've got an upper adjustment as well right here, a little pin. Release that pin, drop the unit down, tighten the knobs. They're so easy to tighten big bulky handles and they are as solid as they can be once you firm them down. Be sure and check out the electronics mounts from Beatdown Outdoors. Let's go back and take a look at my console mount as well.

Alright, so everyone's seen the Beatdown Outdoors bow mount we've got and this is the Beatdown Outdoors Console Mount. The beauty of the way this is designed, you can get it in a single unit or a double unit as you see I've got here, is if your boat does have a ledge, you can mount it directly to the ledge. If your boat doesn't have this ledge, it can be mounted into the console this way. The whole bar will swivel and these units are completely adjustable. You've got ratchet knobs here, so just by loosening these knobs, you can adjust these to any degree that you want to change the screen glare. If you're easing down a lake or you're fishing down a bank looking at side imaging things like that, you've got screen glare, you can loosen that knob up, twist it anyway. If you want your partner to be able to see what you're looking at, you've got that ability as well. The other thing that's nice about this is you can adjust these units in and out as well. So you've got this second knob down here, ratchet knob, you loosen up and you can slide these units in and out. So for someone like me, that is a short guy and I want the ultimate visibility, I can split the units all the way out to the side, see through, get good vision. When you get to the point where you need to cover your boat up and you need to tuck everything in, you just loosen everything back up, adjust it back in and you're set to go. One other feature that the Beatdown Outdoor Console Mount also offers is this is just an end screw end cap. If you want to completely remove your units at night, like if you're staying in a hotel, a little bit of shaky spot, all you have to do is unscrew the end cap, slide the unit clear off of the bar and you can take the whole unit straight into the house. So be sure and check out the Beatdown Outdoors Console Mount when you get ready to rig electronics on your next boat. (upbeat music)