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NBT Marine 22" Screen: Seth Feider's Favorite New Toy

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The one big screen that does it all! Join us as Seth Feider walks us through the brand new NBT Marine 22" Battleship Unit, which he will use for all of his Garmin LiveScope fishing for the 2024 Bassmaster Elite Series season.

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Video Transcription

Seth Feider

Sup boys, this is the NBT Marine 22 inch screen. This is what I'm probably most excited about that's new for me for this year. I mean, Livescope's the deal now. It's just something big screens help with that. You can see better, see further, better detail, all that stuff, better picture with this screen as well versus your standard units. And this is basically just mirroring a Garmin that I have on the console. I have a 8612 Garmin on the console. Both my Black Boxes are going to that, but I can do anything from this screen. I can, it's all touch screen. I can change anything from here that I can change on the Garmin, change windows. Gonna be running two scopes on here, one in live, and then one in perspective, we can put both of those on the same screen. Plenty of room on there, it's 22 inches. So I mean, you could run four screens on here and still have plenty of room for all of them.

Another really cool thing about the NBT Marines, even though it's this giant screen, it looks crazy expensive. This is probably one of the cheapest ways to rig your boat if you're gonna go deck it out and do all the things you want. Instead of having to buy five graphs in theory, a guy could run one 8600 Garmin unit and a big NBT up front. They come in 16 or 22 inch models, both available at Omnia Fishing. You know, the really cool thing about it is you get this giant screen for all your scope and map and side scan and all that stuff. And you can actually do it more cost effective than you can if you were to buy, you know, five separate 12 inch units, like you're seeing all the pros running right now. You got three 12s up front, two 12s on the council. You can get more screen for less money with a better picture, more options, more details, different color schemes out of the NBT Marine than you can out of running just the standard if you were to go out and buy, you know, five Garmins or five Humminbirds, five Lowrances, is whatever it may be. You're gonna get a bigger screen and a better value and a better product because you can run all of this off one singular Garmin. You can buy yourself one 8600 series Garmin. You can put it in your rod box, run a 16 or 22 inch NBT on the console is 16 or 22 inch NBT up front. So you're getting more bang for your buck and that would cost you less than if you were to buy four or five separate Garmin or Lowrance units, whatever it may be to trick out your boat and you're gonna have bigger screens, better clarity, everything's gonna be bigger, you're gonna be able to see better. Just a really great cost effective way, believe it or not, to rig your boat. I know it looks crazy, a 22 inch screen you're thinking to yourself it's gonna be like $10,000 but these are actually cheaper than the 12 inch 8600 Garmins and you're just getting so much more for a much better price.

You know, check out these NBT Marine units. They're insane. I'm really looking forward to getting out there this year. And like I said, we got a real heavy scope schedule. So we're gonna be looking at this a lot. So I'm really looking forward to getting out there and using this, just a really, really awesome deal. Really looking forward to using this and real. I'm most excited about this, I don't know anything I am on my boat this year. And like I said, we got them at Omniafishing.com so go over there and check them out. (upbeat music) (upbeat music) (upbeat music)