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Neko Rigging With Michael Neal | Omnia

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Michael Neal talks about his ideal set up and strategy for Neko rigging.

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Video Transcript

What's up guys, Neko Rigging is one of the most popular techniques out there, especially in the professional ranks. It's something you can do anywhere from the bank all the way out into 60, 70, 80 feet of water. So basically all it is is just a wacky rig with a weight in the nose. And your weight is really going to vary, especially in the summertime, based on wind, how deep you're fishing, things like that. But as a general rule of thumb, kind of like flipping, you want to go as light as you can get away with and still be effective. So if you've got dead slick calm conditions, you're going to get more bites on a 16th or a 32nd, then say a 3/16th, where it's just spiraling by really fast. And it's one of those things where I'm looking for not just a big school of fish, but I'm going to fish it around cover. I'm going to fish it around rock piles, brush piles, skip it under floating docks, hanging out over deeper water. And I'm also going to chase some of those suspended fish for it. And a lot of people think just the demiki rig, the hover strolling for those suspended fish, but we've been keeping it kind of quiet for a while, but the Nikko rig is really shined on those places like your TVA, ledges, your Highland Reservoirs, where they get out and suspend over points. And this is the Big Bite Straight Six Mag Worm. And this is a color called K-Magic. And basically for my color selection, I really don't think it matters a whole lot. I think it's more in your head than anything. I go with either something that's a pinkish purple hue like this K-Magic, or I go to the Big Bite Stand by the Old tilapia. And it's just a green pumpkin, purple and blue flake. And that's just what my two go-to colors are. I'll change back and forth sometimes throughout the day just to see how a fish reacts. And I don't think there's a set triggered to those fish is which one they're going to bite in which hour. But you know, sometimes what's going on in your head is the biggest deal of them all. For a rod, I like a long rod for this setup. This is a Denali covert seven foot six medium and besides the Demiki rig, this is my go-to rod for anything that I'm fishing offshore. Well, this Niko rig, you will make long casts if you can to those fish. You won't stay as far back away as you can, whether you idle the ledge and you know where they're at or if your life's going to be open either one, you want to cast as far as you can. This long rod is going to help you do that. And it's also going to help you get a better hook into those fish. For line setup, you know, Sunline SX one's been around a long time. That's my go to for pretty much all my spending rod applications. Sunline shooter eight pound. I think it really matters when you're really finessing these fish, fishing something really slow like a Nekorig. That's when I really go to that light line. Sometimes seven eight pounds, just a good staple. And for the hook, the Gomagatsu G-Finesh Stinger don't really think there's a better hook for wacky rigs or Niko rigs. Maybe these tips will help you out, Neko rigging out offshore. [Music] (upbeat music)