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Omnia PRO For Targeting The Spawn

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Joe discusses 2 ways to use the Omnia PRO app to target Spawning Bass.

Video Transcript

Two ways that Omnia Pro will help you during the spawn. Today we're out on my home lake Lake Minnetonkot, it's my first time out here all year. And we're going to take a look at two factors, water temperature and water clarity. Because I want to find and catch fish today in all phases of the spawn. I want to catch spawners. I want to catch pre-spawners. There's not too many post-spawners yet I don't think. But with this water temperature and water clarity we'll get on the right path to get started. So first we're going to take a look at water temperature. So with water temperature I'm going to be looking for starters in the morning. I'm just going to start looking for spawning fish early or the most progressed fish I can early. So I'm looking for the warmer water and I'm going to use the clarity to see where the dirtier water is because typically the dirtier water will warm faster. And then we can confirm that by looking at the water temperature layer. So with these two layers I know where to start in the morning to look for those more progressed spawning bass out here in Lake Minnetonkot. We can then later in the day when the sun gets higher and maybe the wind picks up we can go look for some more active pre-spawners out on the main lake. When we'll see here in the main lake there's more temp, there's lower temp and there's better water clarity so those fish will be less progressed in the spawn. So those are two ways Omnipro will help you catch more fish during the spawn in early months of the season. [BLANK_AUDIO]