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Owner Haymaker Hook: The Ultimate Flipping Hook

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Discover why the Owner Haymaker hook is one of the most sought-after hooks in the fishing community. Known for its unique EWG style and exceptional sharpness, the Haymaker offers a superior hook set experience, resembling that of a straight shank flipping hook. Its design ensures better hook penetration and higher landing percentages, making it ideal for heavy cover flipping. Anglers appreciate the Haymaker for its slick feel and unmatched sharpness.

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• The Owner Haymaker hook is incredibly popular among anglers.

• It’s often out of stock due to high demand; purchasing quickly is recommended.

• Pro members get early notifications when the hooks are restocked.


Unique Features

EWG Style Unique to Owner

• Enhanced Wide Gap (EWG) design is exclusive to Owner.

• Provides a more secure hook set compared to traditional designs.

Slick Feel and Extreme Sharpness

• The hook has a smooth finish for easy penetration.

• Known for being extremely sharp, ensuring better hook-ups.



Straight Shank Hook Set Performance

• Designed to mimic a straight shank flipping hook upon setting.

• Offers better performance in hook sets than standard EWG hooks.

Weedless Presentation

• Ideal for anglers needing a weedless setup without compromising on hook-up rates.

• The hook point is slightly opened to maintain a weedless profile while ensuring better penetration.

Higher Landing Percentage

• Increased landing rates compared to straight shank hooks.

• Offers more control and security once a fish is hooked.



Heavy Cover Flipping

• Excels in thick and heavy cover situations.

• Provides better hook penetration and easier rigging in heavy cover environments.

Tough Bite Situations

• Effective in conditions where fish are hesitant to bite.

• Ensures more hook-ups during challenging bite periods.

Bed Fishing

• Great for bed fishing scenarios where fish are more cautious.

• Offers a reliable hook set even with a hard hook set, big rod, and heavy line.



• The Owner Haymaker hook is a must-have for serious anglers looking for reliability and performance in flipping hooks.

• Sign up for notifications to ensure you can purchase these high-demand hooks when they are back in stock.

• Perfect for enhancing your fishing game in heavy cover and tough bite conditions.

Video Transcript

Owner, Haymaker, this has been one of the most popular hooks I've ever seen launched and I mean that, we can't keep these things in stock, they are in stock right now. By the time you see this video, they could be gone. I know I'm buying some 4 odds and 5 odds today. Sign up for notifications. Remember, if you're pro, you get let known first that these are back in stock. If you're pro, you're going to get first dibs at grabbing these things and they come back in stock. This is a very unique EWG style hook to owner. It is very slick feeling hook. They are owner sharp, they're insanely sharp. If you look closely here, you see the hook point, it seems to be opened up a little bit there. That is so that this hook acts more like a straight shank flipping hook on the hook set than it does an EWG. So I've got one in the Bronco bug here and I got it kind of bulged up there because the hook point, if you just rigged it regularly, would want to sit at an angle kind of point out like this. So where that would shine, do you think about it? If you're having a tough time getting a fish to commit to the bite, but you want to stay a little bit more weedless with this EWG presentation, you can do that now with this hook. I honestly prefer this style hook over a straight shank. I know a lot of my straight shank friends are mad at me for saying that, but I do. I think the landing percentage is better on this Ew flipping with this EWG style. I think once I hook them, I own them more than I do on a straight shank. So I think this style hook does have a place for heavy or thick heavy cover flipping as well. So I'm interested to try this one. If you look like I said on this Bronco bug, you will get more hook penetration. You're going to get more hook point on this and you would with a traditional straight EWG stuck into this bait. So you can just skin hook it there or have it sticking out a little bit like that. If you think about it on a bed or any time they're really not biting that well, this style hook should get you more hookups than a traditional EWG on a hard hook set with a big rod and big line. So if you're in the market for a flipping hook, that in my opinion is a little bit more, it rigged up a little bit easier and is a little bit easier to fish than the straight shank and heavy cover, check out these owner haymakers. There's a reason why these things can stay in stock. Sign up for your notifications now.