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New PRO Feature: Water Clarity Slider for Historical Data

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Pete and Omnia CEO Matt Johnson discuss the brand new PRO feature; the Water Clarity Slider.

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Video Transcript

What's up everybody back again in our studio here at Omnia Fishing's headquarters in Golden Valley, Minnesota. I'm joined again by my friend and CEO at Omnia Fishing Matt Johnson. Just as early as a few days ago, I was telling you all about a new tech feature, featured on Pro, which was our temperature slider. So we've already, we had that temp layer for a while, but now you're able to go back and see historical data. Now, days later, we're rolling out another feature that involves our clarity layer and also the ability to look at historical data with the clarity layer. You want to go into a little bit of what that means for our pro customers? Well, you knew it was coming and you teased it a little bit on the last one, but now we're ready to show it. So I have pulled this data up, similar to like we talked about with water temperature. It's important to us to show you the most recent data that we can, but we also wanted to show you some of the previous maps based on when the satellite passed that area so you can see the trends that are happening. - Okay. - And we're thinking a lot about where in the lake is clear versus where in the lake is murky for both how it determines fish patterns, how they react to food and spawn, but also how it impacts potential warming trends. - Yeah, and techniques you're going to deploy in the about said body of water in certain areas of that body of water. Well, what's really interesting to me is it's, this time of year as a Midwest angler, I'm really paying attention to those water temps for a lot of reasons, but in conjunction with those water temps, some of the techniques of the things that I'm going to deploy to go catch the fish are going to be based on with the clarity values. To your point, the historical, being able to have that historical data there helps you make decisions on areas of the lake that might be a little bit more risky, that it could be, hey, this could dirty up on me overnight because this area has water flowing into it and it seems like historically this thing dirties up and clears up really fast. This probably is stable water temperature more than other areas of the lake because it always stays dirty. It's for some reason, it doesn't get spring fed in, it doesn't clear up ever on us. So interesting stuff here. What else can we be looking forward to at the slider? - For the water clarity. - Yeah, well, like you know, one layer is not going to make you a better fisherman, but when you have a really big tool set, that tool set is what you can use to start making decisions. So like as you can see here, we're looking at Kentucky Lake, we're dealing with nationally, pre-spawn, spawn, and post-spawn, some making decisions about some areas that are going to heat up quickly, being able to validate that with the water temperature map and then finding areas where bass can stage, where things are heating up quickly, where they're changing quickly and how you can deploy a strategy based on not only this water clarity and historical trend, but all of the other layers on top of it, contours, how deep and shallow it is, how warm and cool it is. Also thinking about your boat ramp and how quickly you're going to get to these spots that you're going to check out. We've got some other cool layers that we're working on, but this is the latest and it's pretty powerful. Well, this is a tool that would be invaluable to me in the past and I can't wait to deploy it now here, even this year because I'm an angler that can't see them very well when they're on the bed and I really don't like doing that anyway unless it's for any money. So I like to look for that little bit more stained water 'cause I like to deploy moving baits this time of year and look for more of those pre-stage, pre-spawn kind of fish or even some post-spawn activity. So this is a great tool to help me plan out making a trip down to one of these big southern reservoirs where thankfully all of our bodies of water appear that are finally unlocked and ready to start go fishing. So check out the clarity layer on your pro app or on desktop now and check out that slider and see what your body of water does this time of year when it comes to clarity. [BLANK_AUDIO]