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The Leash Tackle Breakdown | Polish Pete

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Safety should be an angler's #1 priority when running 60 mph down a lake or river. The Leash should be on every boat that might be running over shallow structure so you always have a good day on the water.

Video Transcription

Remember when Power Poles came out, we started seeing all those sticks sticking up on the back of people's boats and wondering what they were? Well, the same thing's going on now with this thing here. This is The Leash by Precision Sonar. This thing's been showing up on all the tournament anglers boats around the country, and a lot of people are asking us, "What is that thing around the back of the motor?" Well, this is a safety tool. This goes around the base here, motor down around the lower unit, and connects back to the jack plate on your boat. Preventing the motor, if you hit some submerged piece of cover, it doesn't flip the motor up into the cockpit. Scary situation. The reason why they're doing that is because it's actually happened. Yes, that's right. Do your own research. It has been something that has happened in the last few years, pretty scary stuff. Where motors are getting, hitting something like a rock or a big stump, and flipping the engine up into the cockpit. So this is a safety measure to attach tether your, basically, your motor to the back of the boat. So if you hit something, you would just take out the lower unit and not flip the engine up into the cockpit. So if you're in the safety, which we all should be, you should really take a look at the Precision Sonar Leash available now at OmniaFishing.com. [Music]