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Rapala Crush City: The Mayor Tackle Breakdown

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Bassmaster Elite and Rapala pro, Bob Downey, breaks down the steady and reliable swimming action of the new Rapala Crush City The Mayor Swimbait.

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On July 12, 2023, Bassmaster Elite and Rapala professional Bob Downey presented an insightful breakdown of Rapala's latest innovation in swimbaits - The Mayor from the Crush City line. This article delves into the features, usage, and versatility of The Mayor swimbait, highlighting its effectiveness for both smallmouth and largemouth bass fishing​``【oaicite:0】``​.

Design and Varieties

The Mayor swimbait comes in two sizes - a 3-inch and a 4-inch version, each designed to cater to specific fishing scenarios. The variety of colors available, including Shad-based colors, perch colors, green pumpkins, and black blues, ensures that anglers can select the perfect match for their fishing environment.

Application in Shallow and Deep Waters

Bob Downey emphasizes the versatility of the smaller 3-inch swimbait, ideal for 0 to 5 feet shallow waters on flats. It can also be slow-rolled over deeper humps, catering to suspended fish. The 4-inch version is more suited for covering water on shallow flats, with a larger swim bait head ranging from a quarter to a half-ounce, making it effective in deeper rock or weed edges as well.

Enhancing Swim Jigs

The Mayor is also highlighted for its ability to enhance swim jigs. In natural lakes full of vegetation, using this 4-inch swimbait on the back of a swim jig creates a more substantial profile, especially desirable in big bluegilly profile swim jigs. This combination is particularly effective in vegetative water bodies.

Packaging and Availability

Notably, the product comes in unique clamshell packaging, ensuring the swimbait tails remain straight and ready for use. This attention to detail in packaging reflects the overall quality and reliability of the Rapala Crush City line.

Video Transcript Summary

[00:00] Introduction to The Mayor swimbait from Rapala's Crush City line, highlighting the 3-inch and 4-inch versions in various colors.

[00:15] Usage of the 3-inch swimbait for shallow water fishing and versatility in deeper regions.

[00:30] The 4-inch swimbait application for covering water on shallow flats and enhancing swim jigs in vegetative lakes.

Full Transcript

"Hey everyone, Bob Downey here talking to you today about the mayor swim bait from the Rapala line of plastics, Crush City Customs. We've got a 3-inch version and a 4-inch version. Tons of different colors, more of your Shad based colors, we've got some perch colors, green pumpkins, black blues. I like to throw this smaller one on more of a swim bait head for smallmouth and largemouth. I want a smaller profile, this is a great smallmouth size. I love to throw it at 0 to 5 feet of water up on those shallow flats and then you can slow roll it over those deeper humps too if those fish are suspended up a bit. The 4-inch size, I'll cover water on shallow flats with a bigger swim bait head, that quarter to 3/8th half ounce. You can also throw this on deeper rock or weed edges as well as on the back of a swim jig to create a bigger profile for your swim jig. You see that a lot on natural lakes full of vegetation. We like those big blue gilly profile swim jigs. This 4-inch is a great option for that. So that's the new mayor, some awesome packaging, clamshell packaging. Your tails are going to be straight. Every time you grab a new one, check them out from Rappola city, Rappola, Crush City Customs."