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Seth Feider's 2024 Boat Walkthrough

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Want to see what Bassmaster Elite Seth Feider has rigged on his boat for 2024? Here's Seth in his new Blazer 625 Pro Elite to show you what he's got going on.

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Video Transcription

Seth Feider

Sup boys, I got my brand new 2024 Bass rig. We're at Omnia right now. Just got everything all rigged up, ready to go. Running a Blazer 625 Pro Elite this year. Real excited about it, I think this boat's gonna be just an absolute rocket. We got her paired up with the Mercury Pro XS 254 stroke. I've been running these motors for, since they came out, I don't know how long ago that was, four or five years. Bulletproof, I haven't had any issues with them. The four strokes, nice not having to put oil in them anymore. Just a really, really fast motor and reliable. Love the Mercury. On the back end, we got that on a TH Marine Jack Plate. We got the eight foot Power-Pole Blades. These things are silent. Have any time you're up shallow water, fishing. They're absolutely deadly. Love having those on there, really solid too. Don't move around a lot. Then we got a bunch of different stuff going on for graphs, but we just wanna check out the boat. Beautiful colors.

We got the Power-Pole move, trolling motor on it. I got to run that last year. I was super impressed with it. Super light, quiet, goes through grass, like nothing I've ever seen. Spot Lock on it's insane. It doesn't do all that herky jerky stuff. Just real smooth, super quiet. Like I said, it goes through grass like Snoop Dogg. I mean, it just burns it down. Never stops on anything. Then the graphs, it's a lot different than I would. Normally, I was always a Humminbird guy. Around nothing but Humminbirds. We got a little bit of everything on the boat this year. Starting out with obviously the NBT, giant 22 inch screen. We'll go into this more later. Then I got a 10 inch Helix up here, exclusively for just waypoints and mapping. The LakeMaster mapping's hard to beat, so I'm still running the Humminbirds for mapping, but I got two LVS34 scopes on here. We're on one in Perspective, one in Livescope mode. That'll all be going through the NBT, which is hooked to a Garmin on the console.

Then on the console, I'm running a Helix 12. Basically, just for LakeMaster, I do have an in-hole 2D 'ducer hooked to it, so I can maintain bottom while I'm running if anything comes up shallow or deep or whatever it may be. Then here I got the 8612 Garmin. That's hooked to the NBT up front. I'm gonna be running my side scan, down scan, off of this, and then mostly it's here to power the NBT for my scopes and stuff like that. Then we'll hop in the boat, and I'll show you around the inside.

Now we're in the bilge compartment, and power's a big thing. This is where all my batteries are. I'm running 2, 36 volt, 60 amp hour Impulse Lithiums for the trolling motor. Then I got a pair of 12 volt, 120 amp hour, in parallel for my graphs, and then all the stuff on the boat, the pumps, the lights and whatnot. But plenty of power. Similar setup to what I ran last year. Absolutely loved it. Had tons of power for the graphs, and tons of power for the trolling motor. Pretty easy to get to access area and get to my pumps. Anything I need to replay if a pump goes out, or livewells or anything like that, I can get to it really easy, pretty clean, open back area. Plenty of room back here to work on stuff, so that's pretty nice. Sometimes a lot of the back ends of boats get really tight, and it makes working on stuff harder, but got everything rigged up back here. Plenty of room, easy in and out with the batteries. A lot of the other boats, the batteries are tucked away behind stuff, and they're hard to get in and out. Really easy if we have any sort of issue I can get in here and get fixed quick, and get back on there, and then we have the Power-Pole Charge, which is a big deal with these lithium batteries. It's kind of a smart charge if my troller's low, or if my crankers low, it'll take power from one to the other. And then also when I'm running, if I'm burning the trolling motor a lot, and I'm running between spots, the power from the alternator on the Mercury, will recharge my trolling motor batteries through the Power-Pole Charge. So make those last little longer, not that they really run down that bad, but you never know if you get, power goes out at the place you're staying at, you don't get a great charge, you can get some trolling motor life just by running your motor through that charger. Then we have the Power-Pole pumps tucked up underneath there, nice and out of the way. That was power to the Power-Poles, and plenty of room to work on stuff, easy in and out. And yeah, it's pretty clean back here.

Now the back deck got nice storage compartments on both sides. I usually use the back ones for tools and things of that nature, anything extra I'm gonna need in the boat. I don't do much for tackle in the back, just 'cause I don't like running back and forth. Got a nice big livewell on it. Plenty of room in there to keep the fish going. Extra livewell pumps in there as well. This thing I'm kind of excited about. It'll get a nice little, nice little small dry storage spot. Good place for the phone and the darts and got a little USB in there. I can charge, throw my keys in there, throw my cell phone in there. Little middle cooler right here. I'll probably run most of my culling stuff in there, my scales, my cull tags, balance beam, fizz needles, fin clips, things of that nature, maybe tie off ropes, stuff like that in there. Or maybe ice and drinks. Bring that as well. Got another cooler up front. Right here. I'm probably gonna use this for tackle storage as well. I like carrying a ton of tackle, so the only time I really ever carry ice in my boats for smallmouth tournaments, that is another cooler, but I'm probably gonna turn it into a tackle storage. We got a big tackle storage compartment up front, all finished, real nice. Should be a real dry compartment. Then a smaller one back here. Not sure exactly, I haven't got all my stuff in here. I'm not sure exactly how I'm gonna lay everything out, but I probably do a lot of plastics in here and then most of my hard baits and stuff up there, jigs, spinnerbaits, whatnot, chatterbaits. I do like this little day box I got here. This is probably what I'm gonna put all my terminal stuff in. Hooks, sinkers, weights, whatever stuff I'm using that day. Then with that day box, you know, smaller rod box on this side, this is probably where I'm gonna keep my life jackets, rain gear, boots, extra clothes, I'm gonna put my fish in line, I got a couple totes full of braid and fluoro, anything I might need. I'll keep that in here and then. Obviously in here is gonna be the rods. It comes with tubes in it, I remove those. Tubes are great if you're carrying, you know, a dozen rods or so, but it's got a nice rod rack on the backside here to hold all your butts up and I pulled the tubes out just 'cause usually I got 20, 30, 40 rods in here, so it's nice to not have to mess with the tubes, but you know, the average guy, if you only got 10, 20 rods in your boat, the tubes work well. I pull them out, but a nice little rod rack here in the back. Big, big, big rod locker, excited about that, store all the stuff in there. Yeah, then up front, we got the Power-Pole move. Two Garmin scopes on the trolling motor. I got a 10 inch Helix up here for LakeMaster and a 22 inch NBT, which I'm gonna run double scopes on. All the graphs are on Geiger Tech Mounts, super solid, which you need when you got something like this on the front of your boat, but even the NBT for how big it looks, it is really light.

Thanks for watching the boat tour. I'm real excited to get this thing in the water and fish the Elite series out of it and put some hogs in the livewell, lay them in and win some money. So looking forward to it following this year, we're gonna be doing more videos like this. And as always, head over to www.omniafishing.com. If you need any of this stuff, we got rigged on the boat, graphs, Power-Poles, Charge, Move trolling motor, any of that stuff. It's all available at www.Omniafishing.com. (upbeat music) (upbeat music) (upbeat music)