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Seth's Recap of Lay Lake with T Lo

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As the Bassmaster Elite series takes a break, T Lo sits down with Seth to recap how the Lay Lake tournament went.

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(00:00) hey guys this is T Lo with Omnia Fishing I'm here in the Omnia studio with Seth Feider we're going to talk about his Bassmaster Elite Series event on Lay Lake kind of go through what practice looks like for him as well as with the actual event and how that played out for him go through some of the things that he was keying in on as well as the baits and the techniques that he was using to do that so Seth thanks for being here uh let's uh let's talk a little bit about Lay Lake you know how it how does it set
(00:28) up uh you know the the cover the structure that you guys are focusing in on that time of year yeah um it's a Coosa River Lake um full of water Willow like the banks are completely just about completely aligned from Dam to Dam with water Willow growing on the banks one of my favorite shallow vegetations to fish um so going into that I knew that was going to be there and that's real historic um swim jig water and stuff like that so I was really looking forward to this tournament on paper it ended up being a
(01:00) lot tougher than I expected um ended up getting really fortunate having the finish I did there with the practice I had but uh practice was really bad for me um the area where I ended up catching all my fish in the tournament um that basically the last day of practice I caught a two pounder and shook off one about four pounds up there and uh that's kind of the best stuff I had to go off on practice everything else was a random two pounder miles apart from each other and uh those two bites are really close to each other
(01:35) um so I figured I'd kind of just go up there start and um you know I ended up working out really good for me yeah so you're talking about practice being pretty tough um with what you had coming out of practice going into the event uh did you think you had you know a solid game plan leading up to the event or did you have to make adjustments on the fly as as the day one of the tournament went by yeah definitely definitely had to adjust every day I was there um and find new areas each day um like I said I practice a good
(02:08) majority of the lake and rode off about 90 of it and kind of got hunkered down in a you know kind of similar deal about a Five Mile Stretch of river and um just kind of fished every inch of it and like each day I'd catch them on different banks but in the same pattern you know it's water Willow with a Shad spawn but the problem was I didn't realize it but uh the shad spawn was dwindling each day I was there and um by day four it was completely gone and I really really struggled on day four but I had three really good days before that
(02:44) so so you know you talk about a shad spawn for obviously a lot of people up here in Minnesota you know we don't have that happening um as frequently as you know Southern Anglers do if you want to go into that a little bit and what that entails what you're looking for early in the morning in that shots Bond and trying to capitalize that in those low light conditions yeah yeah the Shad spawn it typically takes place at the tail end of the bass Bond or about when the bass Bond's over usually in the waters in the
(03:14) mid to low 70s um and first thing in the morning I think they probably do it all night long I don't know I haven't experience being out at night much but anyways the first hour of the morning little basically scatter spawn they get in big groups and just kind of um swim in real tight schools and Scatter spawn on whatever they can um um they lay like they were particularly spawning on the water Willow but they'll spawn on anything anything in the water a log a sea wall a dock styrofoam trash you'll see them spawning out in the
(03:48) Middle lake on stuff that's just floating um that's something you really want to look for but um they will anything that's shallow in the water column that they can get their you know eggs to attach to they'll spawn on and la lake it was it was water Willow predominantly yeah that's uh like I said that's super interesting because you know we don't we don't really deal with that up here in the Upper Midwest um so let's let's go into the event uh what what played for you uh obviously
(04:18) you got a couple baits here and you know talk through them and uh I guess talk about that you know one two three punch that you you had for yeah like um going to the Coosa River I was real excited to swim Jake pretty much exclusively there and um after practice I had it's still barely cut maybe one fish on a swim jig the whole time I was there um started throwing a spinner bait and started getting more bites doing that so uh the first day of the tournament I weighed um four of my fish on a spinner bed I caught more than that on it and each day
(04:52) I'd catch one good fish on a stealth fighter but it was efficient either missed my spinnerbait or my swim jig the banks were it was too far between bites to sit there and pick it apart and dab everything but I kept that on hand um if I had one missed my spinner bait or my swim jig but first two days of the tournament it was all spinner bait the water was still clear um we got a big thunderstorm the night in between the second day and the third day in the water got a lot dirtier and I was just fishing that spinner bed on the
(05:22) outside edge of the water while I was just making parallel chaos with it the third day of the water got a lot dirtier and they actually got shallower up in the water well so it was like thicker little clumps in from the edge and I did really good on a swim jig that day fishing those inner clumps and then um uh yeah the last day of the tournament um for some reason there was no Shad spotting that Martin and all my fish were gone I ended up scrapping a few I kind of I don't even think I had a limit the last day far A little tiny spot of
(05:53) bass on a shake you had but the first three days were really fun it was just power fishing shallow River fishing um pretty much spinner bait in a swim jig with you know one real good fish each day on The Jig cool yeah that's awesome uh it's amazing how things change uh drastically over the course of four days of competition you know uh you could go and be a hero on day one and two and then you know something like a bagel third storm comes by and it just completely wrecks your game plan yeah um so going into that event
(06:21) um what did you think in terms of weight that it would take to you know make that cut potentially win the tournament and uh did it play out exactly the way you thought it would no after practice I thought uh a limit would get you paid you know seven pounds a day without a few bites I was getting um it ended up taking 10 or 11 pounds a day to get paid so it was a lot more than I thought it would and then uh the winning weight was about what I figured it would be um about 15 pounds a day cool all right well uh like I said thanks
(06:55) everybody uh this is Omnia Fishing with Seth Feider going over his Lay Lake uh Bassmaster Elite Series event recap and uh Seth thanks for uh being a part of this and thanks for having me going over it [Music]