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Seth Feider's Impulse Lithium Battery Set-Up

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Seth Feider discusses his Impulse Lithium Battery set-up and how he can stay worry-free on the water.

Video Transcript

Sup boys, I'm going to show you my battery setup for my boat this year. Running impulse lithiums, I got a pair of 36 volt 60 amp hours that is just for the trolling motor. Gives me tons of power, you can fish all day long, look for bad fish, fishing the current, fishing the wind, no worries about batteries dying. Then the big one I did this year, I went to 220 amp hour, 12 volt batteries for all my electronics. With all the stuff we're running nowadays, it's insane. I mean I got four black boxes, four scopes, five or six graphs, depending on how I get it set up. That's a ton of draw. I mean especially if it's tournament day, you're running live walls all day, stuff like that. You need a ton of power on the cranking side of things now to power all these electronics. If you do get low on battery with all those live scopes and stuff, when you start getting down into the 12s, you don't have the same picture, you don't have the same power. So staying above 13 volts all day long to four different live sc opes and all the graphs is really, really a big deal. I get that with impulse lithium. [Music]