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Seth's Gear for the 2023 Northern Tournaments

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The northern Bassmaster tournaments are coming up! Here's what Seth is using for Lake Champlain, Lake St. Clair, and the St. Lawrence River.

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(00:00) up boys Seth Feider here um it's almost my favorite time of the year we've been uh we're about halfway through the Bassmaster Elite Series and uh pretty soon we're going to be heading north we're going to Lake Champlain Lake Saint Clair and the St Lawrence River all awesome fisheries and uh I'm gonna show you some baits and tackle that I know I will have on the deck at all of the events we're going to up there um we'll start out with the the small amount stuff it's mostly going
(00:30) to be Smallmouth fishing same color and St Lawrence will probably exclusively be Smallmouth fishing and Champlain will be 50 50 for me so um some of the stuff you know I'm not going to leave without a drop shot tied on this trick shot with a heavy drop shot weight um for definitely Saint Claire St Lawrence and all three of them this bait will be tied on pair that up with a Finesse Neko hook and um I'm gonna fish that on uh I'll use my hair jig Rod the 7'6" Elite um Seth Feider Edition paired up with a
(01:08) Tatula MQ 3000 and uh eight pound Sufix 832 braid with anywhere from a 8 to 12 pound suffix fluorocarbon leader um that will catch me fish at all of those events no doubt about it deep shallow it doesn't matter like St. Clair all will probably live with a drop shot in my hand on the other two Lakes I'll probably mix it up a little bit more um as well as uh you know a Ned rig I'm gonna use a green pumpkin Hula StickZ and a 3/16 perfect Outkast in that rig just catch me a ton of fish up there big ones
(01:48) too as well um same spinning reel and line I'm gonna use a Brent Ehler 7'1" drop shot rod for that I like it it's got a little bit more backbone as well as the the Scented Jerk Shadz I'll keep that you know there's a lot of suspended fish on those places maybe not so much on the St Lawrence River but when we go to Champlain and St Claire I mean seeing it a lot lately that z-man scented jerk shadz I just found a jig head fished over the top of those suspended smallmouths whether you're holding it above them or
(02:21) casting it out there and reeling it over the top of them you know paired up on a GoldenEye swim jig head um really good way to catch those roaming fish which we're going to deal with a lot at Champlain and St Clair they you know they're chasing bait they're suspended they're moving a lot that's a really really good way to Target them as well as um Outkast tackle Feider Fly I'll probably throw that one a lot at the St Lawrence I tend to you know Sinclair and Champlain is pretty much I'm going to be fishing deep water
(02:50) smallmouths you know 15 to 30 feet of water whereas when we go to St Lawrence River there's usually a pretty good population with shallow ones that's when a fighter fly will do a lot of damage for some of those shallows sand and rock mix spots throw that on the uh 7'6" hair jig rods and rod reel line pretty basic for almost all my spinning around stuff is going to be real similar and then Champlain's going to be the odd one just because there is a good mix a nice large Mouse there so um the other two I probably won't focus
(03:24) on largemouths at all but Champlain I'll do about half my time the Largemouth fish in there and there I keep it super simple and I'm largemouth fishing they're you know they're either you're either dealing with fish under boat docks or fishing milfoil and that's about all they really have to focus on when I'm large mouth fishing there and one rod reel and bait will do the job I'm going to use a seven foot Brent Erhler he calls it the finasteride it's a seven foot medium heavy but it's it's my
(03:50) flipping stick I do braid dual leader 30 pound 8 32 with 20 pound fluorocarbon on there pair that up with the new tatula sv70 it's real compact but yet powerful they can flip with that and it's just going to be one jig it's going to be either a half a half ounce or five eighths stealth feider um tungsten flipping jig from Outkast tackle um some form of green pumpkin and the water is going to be clear pair that up with um probably a z-man goat on the back of it and I can keep that one rod real lined bait on the deck that'll cover me
(04:28) for all my Largemouth fish and I'm going to do it Champlain I've had real good success the past few years doing that mixing it up with smallmouths and largemouths and pretty much all the big largemouths I've ever caught on Champlain have come on that compact flipping jig so you know when we go up north I get real excited I feel at home and all those fisheries and I love catching smallmouths and then we get to mix in some largemouths on Champlain I'm Gonna Keep it pretty simple and you know with the exception of the flip and jig
(04:56) all this stuff's going to be the same on all the small mouth lakes and you know looking to have some really good finishes up there and you know hopefully maybe win one [Music] thank you