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Z-Man Elite EVO

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Z-Man made a competitor to their own chatterbait called the Elite EVO! Check out Seth's thoughts on this new bladed jig.

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Video Transcription

So guys Seth Feider here, I'm going to show you the Chatterbait Elite Evo. It's a new Chatterbait from Z-Man. Really high end Chatterbait, but at a lot better price point. It features a 3D head with cool eyes on it. Super realistic looking. Hand tied skirt and a bunch of custom colors. And a really awesome hook in it as well as a double trailer keeper system. It's got a little collar there plus a pen to keep your stuff pinned on there. Vibrates really good. It's going to be real similar to a Jack Hammer. Just a little better price point for us. Probably about half the cost of a Jack Hammer. And some really really good colors. Chatterbait's a proven fish catching bait. This is just another version of it. Had a lot of success on this recently and pairs up really nice with the new Chatterspike from Z-Man. Threads on there. That ElaZtech is going to stay on that double collar all day long. You can fish one bait. It features a heavy duty snap on there as well. That's not going to open up on you. Vibrates really well. Just a fish catcher. A lot better price point than a Jack Hammer. But a real similar bait. It features that same style hook. The hand tied skirt. The nice looking head. Just going to be a bait. You can catch a lot of fish on. It does its job really well. [Music]