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Shimano Expride 7'0" / Light / Fast | Polish Pete

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Expride rods have been asked for repeatedly by our viewers! Here's Pete bending the Expride 7'0" / Light / Fast casting rod.

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Video Transcription

We are here with the Shimano Expride spinning rod in the 7 foot light, fast action. That screams finesse power, right? This rod here was requested by you, the viewers and our customers here at Omnia Fishing to bend and let you know what we thought about the action and power and what we thought it would be best suited for. Excited to bend this one over on the deflection wall. Shimano has impressed us a lot when it comes to this deflection wall. Their actions and powers have been pretty spot on. At least when it comes to my opinion on that. More though than I expected. Very rarely have we found a surprise which we have found a few. But this one here we're going to go bend and let's discuss what the best use is for the 7 foot light, fast action Shimano Expride.

Alright, we are here with the Shimano Expride 7 foot light, fast action spinning rod. What's that say to you? Finesse fishing, I hope it does anyway. I'm going to load it up real quick here on our marks and it is definitely. I call it fast action. Being that it's a light power you can get it into that deeper into that backbone a lot easier than I even imagined to be honest with you. Do a little hooks that here. It's a light power so it should bend past the tip right it should get into more further down the backbone. So it might look on this deflection chart extremely moderate. But I will tell you just you know in the feel here and just with little movements when you're actually fishing or imparting action on the bait. It is in the faster of action so it's not extra-fast by any means. It is on the slower side of fast as well in my opinion. But it is faster action. It is not a moderate action because if I just give it a little bit of risk power there. It is wanting to pull back on me a lot faster than it looks like on the deflection chart. So you are getting a pretty quick hook set with this even though it's a light power rod. You can get away with maybe Tex-opposing with a super, super light wire hook in a plastic. But then you're absolutely going to be fishing braid to a leader or straight braid on most of time nowadays in this application you'd be fishing braid to a leader. Perfect braid to a leader rod. Excellent rod choice for a drop shot that's you're fishing the lighter weighted drop shots. If you're fishing like the free rigs, the neko rigs with lighter weights. This is a perfect rod for those applications where I think this thing would shine honestly because of the fact that it is it is faster than you then you think that it looks like I'm at the selection chart. Once again that's the one thing that we can't do over camera is show you the feel of the rod is really light wire smaller net rigs or bottom contact stuff. I think with really light line you'd still be able to achieve a decent hook set with this rod and not worry about breaking knots or bending out hooks. You'd be able to fight this fish because of the lighter backbone and not bend that lighter weight equipment out. So that's what it screams to me right is more of that I want to make a decently decently long cast not too far away and fish it down in the water column. With something with a single hook in it and be able to get a hook into it get to be able to get a hook into a fish with some depth in the water. So really cool rod here from Expride as usual the Shimano's have been impressing like crazy with his deflection chart on with their rods. I can see why there's so many Expride fans. We have a lot more of these coming to you with a lot more of the most popular models. We're actually just waiting for some to get back in stock or Shimano to get us some samples to show you guys the requested models from Shimano. Once again seven foot light power, fast action you're just going to have to trust me on that one. Shimano Expride spinning rod. [Music]