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Poison Adrena 6'10" / Medium-Glass / Regular Fast | Let's Bend A Rod

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Pete has the details on exactly how a rod bends when it's loaded up with a fish. Here he's testing the Shimano Poison Adrena 6'10" / Medium-Glass / Regular Fast.

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Video Transcription

Alright, we are here with the Shimano Jackall Poison Adrena. This one here is a 6'10" medium glass rod. So fiberglass blank instead of carbon in a higher end rod. Pretty cool stuff. What's cool about this glass rod is it's glass but it's got a carbon fiber reel seat carbon fiber grip here. This is their Monocoque rear grip here. So it does not feel heavy. It's not really tip heavy at all to be honest. See I've got a really light, small one of my personal reels here that's making it not feel tip heavy one bit. It's a shorter rod. It's 6'10" so it shouldn't be that bad anyway but glass rods typically don't feel very alive. Kudos to Shimano for making one feel alive. This one here I would imagine since it's indicated here on the Monocoque handle fast moving and big. It'd be fast moving topwaters or square bills moving baits in the water column that you're putting and parting a ton of action on and moving fast and big being you could throw a bigger topwater with this thing for sure bigger moving baits because this does have a glass blank. It's a little stronger than carbon. So even though it's rated only as a medium power it does have more strength than traditional carbon fiber would have at a medium power because fiber glass is lower modulus it bends a lot more. It bends all the way down to the meatier, thicker part of the rod when you're fighting a fish so and loading it up for casting. So if you want to throw like a big size Shower Blows of this thing bigger moving baits in general just big square bills like your big lip square bills or your big size square bills I should say and you're firing around firing around heavy cover, shallow like like laydowns and docks and things like that where you want to set the hook and move that fish out of there. This would be a great target short glass rod really cool rod from Shimano. Let's go bend it and see how she does.

Okay checking out this 6'10" medium power glass rod from Shimano in the Poison Adrena lineup. We're going to give her a bend get on the marks here get on my marks and it is as as advertised it is a glass rod you can see how far that tip wants to dive down there this thing wants to bend halfway down as soon as you start applying even the slightest amount of pressure this thing wants to just give way that whole top tip section just folds away because it's bending further back down there in the blank. That's what you get out of glass and that's why your landing percentage goes up with treble hook baits. This one does have enough power though that you could fish some bigger topwater some bigger treble hook baits on it even though by today's standards the pretty short rod being a 6'10" but it does make it good for you could still fish a jerkbait on this especially cold water jerkbait fishing where you're using really light wire hooks you tend to lose those fish a lot more if you don't have a really forgiving rod and this is a glass rod that's not too heavy that wouldn't beat you up fishing a jerkbait all day long so pretty cool rod here from Shimano. Check out the Poison Adrena 6'10" medium glass rod. (upbeat music)