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Poison Adrena 6'10" / Medium / Regular Fast | Let's Bend A Rod

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Pete has the details on exactly how a rod bends when it's loaded up with a fish. Here he's testing the Shimano Poison Adrena 6'10" / Medium / Regular Fast.

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Video Transcription

Jackall Poison Adrena family going through a whole bunch of the models today this one here is a 6'10" medium power, fast-action Carbon fiber rod or graphite rod. This is I've been playing with some glass rods the last few models we've bent so it's nice to pick up a nice crisp graphite rod again or carbon fiber blank I am a big fan of the carbon blanks in this particular series of rods I think they're extremely powerful rods for their weight. Weight meaning their physical weight. I own a couple of them myself in the Poison Adrena family They do feature that carbon fiber rear grip the Monocoque handle which is popular over in Japan, kudos to Shimano and Jackall for getting over to the states with this. Right away and you got the CI4 carbon fiber blanks or carbon fiber real seats I should say I'm sorry. That's Shimano's proprietary carbon fiber blend, CI4. These are awesome reel seats on these rods if you are like me. I like really small compact reels, these palm extremely small. They're very comfortable rods to hang on to, the chuck on the front is metal, but it is not bitey metal it will not chew your fingers up like a lot of metal chucks would up on the front of a reel seat. So I am a hand-forward person as you can see I put my pinky finger even in front of the trigger I really choke up hanging on to the reel like that. These rods are a dream to hold like that.

They are lightweight, beautiful feeling rods, this particular model being a 6'10" medium, regular fast action I believe is what they're listing it at, means it's probably going to be shine at stuff that's moving. I don't like throwing single hook baits on glass rods. I know chatterbait purists out there say you should do that, but being a shorter rod like this this is a perfect roll casting, target casting rod as you're cruising down the bank, or you're physically walking down and fishing the bank and you're trying to target fish. So if I want to throw a spinnerbait, if I want to throw a little square bill, If I want to throw a little swim jig, If I want to throw a little topwater, and I want to target cast with it, this would be a great rod for that. It's going to load up nice being a regular fast action, and it allows me to use some really stiff lines with smaller hooks and not worry about losing those fish as much as I would with a real heavy powered rod and a faster action in a rod. So cool rod here from Shimano looking forward to bending it over here on the wall.

All right, we're here with that 6'10" medium, fast action, regular fast actions least how I'm reading it, from Shimano and the Poison Adrena family I'm going to just do a slow load up here on my marks, and it's exactly what stated. This is a regular fast action rod and why it looks on the bend. I'm sure I'm not sure actually I'm not on that side that it's almost a moderate action. The tips not diving down if you notice you want to set the hook real hard. It is giving me back resistance really fast hence fast action. It's giving me feedback that it wants to get into the blank a lot quicker than the moderate action rod. So if I just load it up real slow just from the reel seat here as you can see it's almost fast action. But if I give it any power whatsoever, really load the blank up real hard you can see it gets into the rear part of the backbone or in the back half of the rod blank. So you've got a moderate action when you really have loaded the rod up, but it's fast on the hook set that makes sense, hence regular fast action and it is doing exactly what Shimano stating it would do bending it here on the wall. In my opinion this would be a perfect rod for target casting moving baits, in my opinion or along round shallow cover. I honestly think that's where this rod would shine was if I wanted to throw a little spinnerbait around docks and and overhangs and things like that or any moving bait that's single hooked If I was gonna throw treble hook baits on this rod it does load up pretty fast even though it's moderate action. Once you really powered it up it'd be some bigger hook trebles. So if I want to throw like a meatier square bill or a or a bigger topwater this would be great for that as well. So 6'10" medium, regular fast action Jackall Poison Adrena (upbeat music)