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Poison Adrena 6'10" / Ultra-Light/Medium / Extra-Fast | Let's Bend A Rod

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Pete has the details on exactly how a rod bends when it's loaded up with a fish. Here he's testing the Shimano Poison Adrena 6'10" / Ultra-Light/Medium / Extra-Fast.

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Video Transcription

Here's a cool one. This is a Jackall Poison Adrena and this is a 6'10" Ultra-light, extra fast action as they indicated. I'm gonna be honest with you I never would have picked this rod up on my own without having done our homework on this doing our rod bending series here. I would think ultra-light, that's like bringing a knife to a gunfight as far as bass fishing goes. What if I hooked a big giant fish, if I finally hook a seven pound smallmouth of my life and I got an ultra-light rod? No way. This is nowhere near an ultra-light as I bend it with the line on it It feels a lot more powerful than that. But I get where they're going with the ultra-light indication now and today's world, especially with our really really finesse tackle starting to shine even more with that with the prevalence of forward-facing sonar getting more and more prevalent every day. The ultra-light rod does have a play for us now. There are baits and and lines we're deploying to catch those fish that this rod will shine at so I'm interested to really bend this thing and see how this Poison Adrena 6'10" ultra-light, extra fast rod does on our bending chart.

All right here. I am with the 6'10" ultra-light probably one of the more intriguing rods to me. I haven't bent yet see how this thing does on our bending chart. So I'm gonna slow load it. It's not pulling any drag even when I load it all the way up like some of the other spinning rods I have the reel set the exact same way. It is lighter powered on the bend chart than I thought it was off of it. Just bending it in hand before I put line on it and when I put line on it just pulling on the line itself. What's crazy is it's got backbone like almost like a medium power rod way back here though, but that top half of the rod almost is pretty light power and I get where they're going with the extra fast because if I just, let me see if I can show it here, if I just use my wrist, I'm not using the rear grip as a fulcrum. I'm not pushing down on it as a fulcrum or anything like that I'm just using my wrist. I'm getting resistance on this rod by just pitching my wrist a little bit like this. So you can see that's where the extra fast comes in, it's just taking a little movement of my wrist to start getting this rod to pull back, but when I load it up and give it some power like a fish was on there, it's bending quite a ways down there like an ultra light powered rod would. so I could fish lighter line and lighter lures on this more effectively. It's a really cool rod I'm still trying to find where I fall as an angler where what baits and tactics I'm going to deploy to fish rods this light of power. But I'm going to have to learn because this forward-facing sonar thing's not going away, and we're seeing rods like this play more and more each day. So check out if you're into finesse fishing. You need to check out this Jackal Poison Adrena the 6'10" ultra-light extra-fast. (upbeat music)