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Poison Adrena 6'11" / Medium-Heavy / Regular Fast | Let's Bend A Rod

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Pete has the details on exactly how a rod bends when it's loaded up with a fish. Here he's testing the Shimano Poison Adrena 6'11" / Medium-Heavy / Regular Fast.

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Video Transcription

I'm here with the Jackall Poison Adrena in the 6'11" medium-heavy spinning rod. So this is a pretty interesting one here. I'm getting ready to bend it over here. So got a reel slapped down here with some line run through it. We're going to set it up and bend it here and see what the actions like on this . I am a big fan of this particular series of rods from Shimano. I personally own two of them. I love the handle on the back here. This is their Monocoque handle. The models I have are casting models. I don't own any of the spinning rods, so I'm interested in bending them and see how they perform here. I know these are very popular. They've been popular here at Omnia Fishing since we started. This is being a 6'11", it's not a really long spinning rod by today's standards anyway. In the world of bass fishing, 7-foot-plus seems to be the standard in spinning rods. But we're seeing some of those shorter sizes. Typically, in finesse fishing applications, get more and more popular with the stiffer lines that are out. Now 6'11" and a medium heavy, that's pretty unique. Being a little bit more power but in a shorter rod makes it, me thinking, it's lending to like skipping docks with a Senko or doing something around cover with a spinning rod. But because of forward-facing sonar, we're seeing so many anglers fishing different powered spinning rods with different size baits on forward-facing sonar with their spinning tackle. It's a little easier to keep those baits a little bit more vertical in the water column and dance them around with lighter lines with spinning tackle than it is with casting equipment and fighting those fish with single hooks or lighter hook baits, I should say, on forward-facing sonar. So this rod probably was designed and engineered way before the forward-facing game was really a thing. But here we are in the midst of it and this has become probably a pretty big player for that category of rods. So let's go bend the 6'11" medium-heavy fast action Jackal Poison Adrena rod. 

All right, close to my marks here on the 6'11" medium-heavy fast action Shimano Jackall Poison Adrena spinning rod. I'm going to give it just a normal bend here and yeah, that's pretty fast actually. Let me tighten up the drag a little bit here. I've got a little too much tension on there. So on a little bit of a slower bend there, it's still bending a lot faster than it looks by feel if you could feel what I'm feeling. It wants to pull back pretty quick. Let me get a snap here hooks that. Oh, that's pretty cool. So this rod is actually a pretty sweet little rod here. It's hard to tell I'm sure on the chart there. But if I slow loaded up, it's really giving me back some backbone right away. I mean, if I was fishing in some deeper water, I could probably get a hook in a fish pretty quick with a traditional hook set. If I really crack on this rod, as you can see and I loaded up, it bends further back than it feels like it would with that slower lift in the rod, which means it's going to help you in landing fish with lighter lines, especially with line to line connections on it. It's a really cool rod actually from Shimano and Jackall. I prefer this is just a personal thing. Spinning rods that have a foregrip on them. As you can see, I'm putting my hand all the way in front of the real seat here, which can affect things a little bit. And I'm trying to think of ways. If I split my fingers like a live baiter and typically would hold it onto their line up here. But if I load the rod up like this and use my forearm here, it's kind of a stopper there. Hang on a second there. Give me a little of that up. It definitely has lots of backbone, a lot more than I thought it was going to have. If you're in the market for more of a powerful spinning rod, that's not long or heavy and weight. I mean, this thing is really lightweight. It's a really nice rod. This is a really cool option. I'm very impressed with this rod. Glad we bent it on the wall here. Check out that Jackall Poison Adrena 6'11" medium-heavy spinning rod. Thanks for watching. (music)