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Poison Adrena 6'11" / Medium-Plus / Fast | Let's Bend A Rod

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Pete has the details on exactly how a rod bends when it's loaded up with a fish. Here he's testing the Shimano Poison Adrena 6'11" / Medium-Plus / Fast.

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Video Transcription

Jackall's Poison Adrena from Shimano. These are very popular popular rods here at Omnia Fishing. They are high-end rods. They are a favorite amongst enthusiasts and they are growing in popularity with tournament anglers as well. They are not just some enthusiast rods that look really cool because they have carbon fiber rear grips and reel seats and they just have cool aesthetics to them. They are not just for show. These things have some really cool actions to them and really pack a punch. They are on the higher-end price point-wise but I will be honest with you the more I fish with the two that I own and the more I monkeyed with the ones around here at the shop and I fish with a bunch of my friends as well. They are models. This is kind of a good buy as far as a high end rod goes and I mean that just price point wise. You're not spending that exorbitant $500 plus but you're getting your rods and some of the models in particular in my opinion that are just as nice as any of those $500 plus dollar rods. This one here is the 6'11" medium-plus in a fast action. This one is pretty strange. What does 6'11" medium-plus even mean? It's a weird length. It's a weird power. Action is pretty normal at a fast action but this one here is a versatile listed rod and it's exactly what it's stated as. If you want to fish sort of close quarters with a shorter rod 6'11" being close to that 7 foot mark obviously in a job but most of our rods nowadays are 7 foot plus that we consider versatile. This one being a little bit shorter than that but still allows you the ability to do things like fish moving baits or bottom contact lures like Texas rigs or jigs, things of that nature but this rod has enough power to still set the hook with single hook moving baits as well like swim jigs, like chatterbaits, like spinnerbaits. So great rod here even big topwaters I would say as well. Great rod here to be versatile and move down the bank with. Let's bend it on the wall and see how the 6'11" medium-plus Jackall Poison Adrena rod does.

Alright as promised we're here with the 6'11" medium-plus fast action Jackall Poison Adrena rod. Let's do a slow load up on this one and it does look a little bit like regular fast but it, trust me I'm gonna I'm gonna back them up on this this is a more of a fast action than the other Poison Adrena rods. It's wanting to bend at that top third and it takes a lot of meat to get it there a lot more than you would think for a medium-plus power rod a medium power rod. It's definitely Shimano really did a really good job naming these rods typically I'm sure most of you if you're watching a video like this will back me up you get a rod in a series that you're like "how did they come up with this power or action that they list on the rod because it feels a little different" and there is no real set of standards to what fast action is or moderate a lot of it comes down to opinion or just if you've bent enough rods there's kind of in your head you've got it kind of got an idea there and some of it is feel too. So I'm having to express to you that it is taking more power than you think for me to get past that tip in the backbone which leads me more to saying that this is fast action because the power is not that big in this rod the action is what's getting it loaded up quick here but it does have more power than a traditional medium, so yeah just like they stated this is a medium-plus I think even it just medium-plus and not being medium-heavy rated you could fish a decent size jig with this, decent size Texas rigs, and get a good hard hook set in them with today's lower stretch line. So very versatile rod if you want to get under 7' you want a rod to do a whole bunch of stuff with check out this rod right here from Jackall the Poison Adrena 6'11" medium-plus, fast action. (upbeat music)