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Poison Adrena 7'2" / Heavy / Fast | Let's Bend A Rod

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Pete has the details on exactly how a rod bends when it's loaded up with a fish. Here he's testing the Shimano Poison Adrena 7'2" / Heavy / Fast.

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Video Trancsription

This one right here is the 7'2" heavy, fast action Shimano Jackall Poison Adrena rod. This one's not going to be a big surprise to me because I own this one. I've had this rod actually for a little while now. What attracted me to this rod early was picking it up, holding it in my hand. One, aesthetically it's really pretty. I saw it when it came out. I wanted to try it out for sure because I saw 7'2" heavy fast sction with a carbon fiber rear grip, carbon fiber reel seat. I love fishing a jig and flipping a jig with a little bit shorter rod, like 7'3" and down, like 7 footers and stuff like that. I do a lot of Texas rigging with even shorter rods like that, especially a lot more in the past. So I wanted to try this thing really bad. So I'm familiar with this one. It's not like a lot of the other ones been bending on the wall. I think this is one of the most underrated rods on the market as far as being a heavy line rod and being versatile as a heavy line rod. So if you're somebody who runs 20 pound plus fluorocarbon or 40 pound plus straight braid or braid to leaders and the big, big, heavy weights or anything like that, this rod does a lot of stuff for you with that. I actually found this to be sort of a killer, skipping a frog, fishing a frog around, sparse cover or fishing a frog. Walking a frog really fast, fishing bigger topwaters that are single hooks or double hooks. Not necessarily your treble hook kind of topwaters, but I did a lot more of that with this rod than even fishing a jig like I intended. Now, it absolutely is one of the coolest jig rods there is on planet earth. If you're into flipping sticks that aren't overly long, I highly recommend you checking this rod out. It's very popular for that for a reason. Let's go bend it on the wall and see how the 7'2" heavy Poison Adrena rod does against its competitors.

Alright, we are here with the 7'2" heavy, the ever famous by the way, 7'2" heavy Jackall Poison Adrena rod. If you're a jig junkie, you've heard about this rod, a lot of people say this is one of the kind of it jig rods out there. I've found myself doing a bunch of this since I own it. Here's a slow load on this rod. It's a faster action rod. Got a lot more power than it looks like. I'm sure even with the slow load I'm doing, let me do a fast hook set for you. If you set the hook really hard and really fast, it gets little past that top third of the rod. But trust me, it's pulling back way before that. You are getting a hook in this, in a fish with this rod really fast, which makes for a really good jig rod or Texas rig rod, where you're getting bit, sometimes on the fall, you're getting bit on the drag. Sometimes you're getting bit snapping it off some cover. You might have slack line there and you've got to pick up that line real fast and get a good hard hook set through a brush guard or with a heavy wire hook. This rod is one of the best for that kind of fishing. I did mention earlier that I started fishing a frog with this rod for skipping a frog or fishing a frog, kind of really fast, walking a frog really, really fast around sparser cover or harder cover like laydowns and things like that. Awesome rod for that as well. This is a rod that if you're an enthusiast, you should take the time to try. It is an enthusiast rod for a reason. It's one of the stars, in my opinion, of the Jackall Poison Adrena lineup. It's 7'2" heavy Poison Adrena. [music]