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Poison Adrena 7'2" / Medium-Heavy-Glass / Regular Fast | Let's Bend A Rod

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Pete has the details on exactly how a rod bends when it's loaded up with a fish. Here he's testing the Shimano Poison Adrena 7'2" / Medium-Heavy-Glass / Regular Fast.

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Video Transcription

Jackall Poison Adrena 7'2" medium-heavy glass rod. So this is an interesting one. This is a high-end rod series from Shimano Jackall, features their carbon fiber Monocoque rear grips, features carbon fiber reel seats, their CI4, Shimano's proprietary carbon fiber, their spiral X blanks that this their technology spiral core technology, they call it in their blanks high end blank technology. These things do have a lot of feel of them even for a glass rod. By glass, I mean fiberglass. This is just one of I believe a couple models in the Poison Adrena family that are made of fiberglass, instead of your traditional carbon fiber wraps that a blank is made out of. With fiberglass it shines at moving baits. It's got a moderate action. It bends a lot slower than fiberglass therefore small little hooks that usually come in associated with treble hooks get in a fish and they don't get to chuck them as easy. There's not as much rod deflection and slacking in your line, the rod tends to stay a little bit more just slowly tapered and pinned to the fish without putting a ton of pressure on or no pressure whatsoever. But you get out of faster action rods. So very interesting to see a high end rod made of fiberglass, this one being a 7'2" medium-heavy leads me to think that it would even do alright with some single hook baits like a chatterbait. We're seeing a lot of the best chatterbait anglers in the world tell us that fiberglass is the deal for that. I'm still having a hard time being sold on that. I tried it a bunch. I do own a couple of the Poison Adrena's myself that they're in the traditional carbon fiber blanks, so I'm interested to get over here on the wall and bend the 7'2" medium-heavy, regular action glass Poison Adrena.

I'm here with the 7'2" medium-heavy glass Poison Adrena rod from Shimano and give it a little bend on our marks here and yeah, that is about as true as you can state moderate action. Look how far that tip wants to pull down there, it is definitely a moderate action rod. I'm gonna do a little faster hooks that here. So as you see the backbone of the rod is way back halfway down the blank, and it takes kind of some force to get it all the way. I mean it's taking not much force I should say to get it all the way there. I can slowly just load the rod up and you see this thing wants to just keep bending all the way down till it gets to that real solid backbone about three guides up there in this rod. Really really perfect action for exactly what they state being a glass regular action rod great for moving baits. Lots of big topwater action with this, bigger crankbaits, I would think this would be a great chatterbait rod for those half ounce and down chatterbaits a half ounce and 3/8 size chatterbait. So check out the 7'2" medium-heavy glass Jackall Poison Adrena rod if you're looking for a moving bait rod. [Music]