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Poison Adrena 7'3" / Medium-Heavy / Regular Fast | Let's Bend A Rod

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Pete has the details on exactly how a rod bends when it's loaded up with a fish. Here he's testing the Shimano Poison Adrena 7'3" / Medium-Heavy / Regular Fast.

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Video Transcription

Jackall Poison Adrena Shimano Rods. These are the casting models back to the casting models. I just did a couple of spinning models for you guys to check out as well. I'm very familiar with these models because I own a couple of the Poison Adrenas myself and this one happens to be one of them and this one is for good reason one of the most popular. It's a 7'3" medium-heavy power, regular fast action. That's what Shimano deams at a regular fast action. If you look out there in the landscape of rods today, 7'3" medium-heavy is like the new 7'0" medium-heavy meaning versatile rod for absolutely everything out there that you want to do. I think this rod is the nicest feeling 7'3" medium-heavy out there right now on the market. As far as high-end rods go, if you're looking for a rod to do everything and you're not going to buy a whole bunch of rods, if you're that type of angler that likes your higher-end equipment, which you kind of keep your inventory of rods lower, this is a must-have for you and I say that not lightly. I tend to go through a lot of rods. I try a lot of different rods and a lot of different manufacturers and this is one I've held on to. It's a very impressive rod. This thing is as delivered or as stated, it is a versatile rod. They put that right here on the Monocoque carbon fiber handle they have here on this rod carbon fiber blanks, CI4 carbon fiber reel seats, really lightweight. This rod feels alive, more alive than a lot of other rods even in this lineup, which is known for feeling really well, but this one in particular is a really special one. Let's go bend it and talk more about the 7'3" medium-heavy, regular fast action Poison Adrena.

All right, we're lined up on my marks here with the 7'3" medium-heavy, regular fast action Poison Adrena. We're going to do a slow load up here and it is exactly what I stated. Regular fast action, it is pulling back a little bit when I start to load it up, but it really doesn't start pulling back till it gets almost past that top third of the blank. So regular fast action. It is trying to load quicker than a moderate rod, but the power is more in the middle section of the blank, which means you can do a whole bunch more with it than just set the hook in heavy cover or smash a fish on the jig, which is what I tend to always want to go do. You could still do that with this rod. That's the beauty of it, but you could also get away with throwing a big topwater moving bait like a big spinnerbait. You could throw little swimbaits of this thing. You could do just about anything you needed to get away with doing as a bass angler nowadays with this rod. I stated before it's one of my personal favorites before we were doing any of this bending, and I'll tell you from our consumers, it is one of their personal favorites as well. It is a do-all rod with lots of versatility. Shimano nailed it with this one, calling it a versatile rod and the action and power and everything. It's exactly what you would expect. So by confidently, if you're shopping online for the 7'3" medium-heavy, regular fast action, Shimano, Jackall, Poison Adrena rod. (upbeat music)