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Poison Adrena 7'6" / Extra-Heavy / Regular Fast | Let's Bend A Rod

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Pete has the details on exactly how a rod bends when it's loaded up with a fish. Here he's testing the Shimano Poison Adrena 7'6" / Extra-Heavy / Regular Fast.

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Video Transcription

Back with another Poison Adrena rod here. This one here was not on my radar till I picked it up to do this video. This is a 7'6" extra-heavy, regular fast action rod. You say you're 7'6" and you hear heavy or extra-heavy, you immediately think flipping stick. At least I do anyway. Most rod manufacturers, that's where a flipping stick kind of lies is in that 7'6" length, heavy powers, extra-heavy powers. I thought this thing would feel a little bit more like a traditional flippin' stick. It is pretty light and it's pretty alive feeling. It's pretty interesting. I'm already a fan of this rod line. The Poison Adrena family, I own a couple myself. I'm a big fan of their carbon fiber rear grip on here. This is called a Monocoque handle. It is a Japanese feature and some more other rods over in Japan and kudos to Jackall for getting it and Shimano for getting it over here to the States. You do have a CI4 carbon fiber reel seat on all the Poison Adrena rods here. This is Shimano's proprietary carbon fiber material and carbon blanks. This thing, 7'6" extra-heavy, regular fast action should lend itself to some straight braid flipping and some heavy, heavy grass stuff with big, big weights. So let's go bend it and see how it does.

All right, you in the market for a new flipping stick? I always am. Let's check out this one here. This is the Jackall Poison Adrena, 7'6" extra-heavy, regular fast action. Ooh. It's definitely a extra-heavy power. I should probably do it a little slower this time. Let's do it up a little slower. It's funny because fast actions and a lot of the Shimano rods have been bending tend to be a little bit more regular fast sometimes. This lineup's been just like nailing the actions like crazy. This is the first rod I would feel bending it myself like if you guys could feel the resistance on it that I'm feeling. It feels faster than regular fast. It doesn't look so much that way. I mean, it looks almost exactly what they're calling it with regular fast. It's bending quite a ways down there. I still think it's more towards the top third of the rod that the action in the blank is. But it pulling back real fast. I mean, you could punch a one ounce weight through a mat with this thing. And if you could start reeling it, your reel handle before you set the hook and be bending this rod. I mean, this thing's got power. It's a really nice, it feels a lot lighter than the amount of power it actually has with line on it and actually is trying to set the hook with it. Holding it in my hand, I thought this was gonna be a pretty soft flipping stick. It is not. It's a real flipping stick. If you're a straight braid-er, or honestly, if you're a straight fluorocarbon angler and you're looking for a rod, it's not too, I was gonna say it's probably too slow of an action for straight fluorocarbon, that this was gonna be a straight braid kind of rod. I don't think so. I think if you're a straight fluorocarbon angler and you have a really fast hard hook set, this would be a great rod for you. It is not too slow for that. It's plenty fast to do that with, in my opinion. Really cool rod here. I'm surprised by this one. I'm glad we bent this one. This one is the Jackall Poison Adrena 7'6" extra-heavy, regular fast action flipping stick. Go check this one out. (upbeat music)