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Spring Sale Sneaky Picks!

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While our spring sale is going on, Pete is here to offer some baits that are flying below the radar right now. Use code 20SPRING on your next order for 20% off! Valid through 3/19/2024.

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Video Transcription

Spring has sprung and our spring sales going on right now and the guys up front asked me to pick out some stuff I think was flying under the radar. That's right some sneaky stuff This isn't necessary some Japanese lure something that's catching them right now or anything like that because honestly I haven't been on the water yet this year except for in Japan But I'm gonna go fishing today Fortunately, I can't fish for bass where I'm going yet because it's too early in our season here in Minnesota But I still got spring on the brain and here are some things that are in stock right now during the sale that I think are flying under the radar And maybe didn't get enough attention due to us being in the off season when we got them or They're Bates that are out of stock a lot of times and they just pop back in or just things that I think I know for a fact People are catching them on and big ones on and really good anglers a lot better than me catch them on That a lot of people don't know about so I'll talk about some of those for example spring time in the rage family There's this little guy. It's called the scound bug and we'll pop one out and show it to you here in a little bit But this is an under the radar in my opinion Craw bait if you were a jig angler and you like the speed craw or any of those more subtle Kind of craws and a lot of anglers go to chunks this time of year like real cold water for that chunk Sometimes it's hard to beat that dead action of trailer. This is a bait in the rage family That's kind of that in between it's not a crazy as you know rage being for as like wild kicking action I had really good luck last year with this craw in the colder water temps It's a much more subtle kick than you get out of the traditional rage crawls. It's got that coffee scent It's a durable plastic like a lot of the rage plastics are pretty durable. Anyway last a lot better than a lot of the soft plastics The softer plastic should say this is a really cool Craw that flew under the radar in my opinion last year and I think it's a good addition especially if you're a fan of the striking plastics do yourself a favor and check these out Next up is the tactical bass and their little mini a rig from hog farmer here I Can't believe we still have some of these in stock. It's the time of year where the a rig is unbeatable This one is set up with just two blades and five wires here So you got to put some dummies on it if you live where I live just one bait on it But no matter where you are in the country a small a rig like this built as well as the hog farmer ones are built They're not cheap But these are ones that'll ask you a long long time and you can catch some big big fish on you have to worry about wrecking your rigs Check out the tactical bass and a rig no matter where you live in the country. Just figure out how to rig it up to follow your rules Next is this one pains me to talk about I think I've talked about it in the past year But I think this is the most underrated little line through on planet Earth because it's been around a long time It was around a lot before around Way before a lot of the other ones that are out of the market that are much more popular in this one But these are the baby line-throughs from optimum This little baby boom boom line-throughs here They are soft as can be and I have a I've had some immense success in the cold weather months with this Particular line through the hookup ratio on it is amazing And it's a very easy bait to fish if you're new to swim bait fishing You don't want to start off with a really big stuff. This is a great way gateway drug into swim bait fishing I promise it is a fish catching bait and I think it flies way under the radar And sometimes they're hard to keep in stocks I want to point that out because they were here right now next up is one from our friends at Rapa that Absolutely suffered immensely due to the popular area for facing sonar hard ba its Obviously have not been the cool kids on the block for a while now since the scope came out. I Can't tell you for how many years I and I bet you you your friends in the same way How many times people said once Rapa are gonna make a a new shadrap and something new with the shadrap? Well, they did and this is that shadrap elite. I talked about it briefly last year a little bit when it first came out I actually fished with these Last year on mollacks Multi species crusher as the shadrap has always been but it casts a little better the finishes are absolutely beautiful on them And as you heard me say cast a little better That's a big deal because shadow wrapped spinning rod stuff or all you BFS guys out there You probably could start throwing a shadow wrap on that too But that's what this thing you could throw on a regular casting equipment or you can still spin in rod fishing if you want But a little bit different action. I won't say it's not completely different than the shadow wrap But a little bit more aggressive action than the shadow up known for that's really really tight shimmy but in cold water But this thing is really really really good bait for Casting and winding in those cold water conditions and just covering water. So if you're not a scopper yet Or if you are a scopper and you're sick of scoping you should try one of these things they are a catcher In fact, I had one of the elite one of the EQ anglers in here the other day saying that this was probably the most underrated bait that came out last year in his opinion and No one knows about it as of yet just because of the scope stuff Another one to talk about that ain't scoping kind of maybe we're seeing that change a little bit But I've talked about this one before and I really do mean it Brian thrift This is his big blade from Z man the chatter bait and there isn't a better time of year than right now To be throwing this thing and it's a wild crazy color I know I picked that one out here and and you want it with these run a bigger size than you typically would In fact, I've had most luck with all three quarters in these It because the blade so big it has a ton of lift so it doesn't feel like you're fishing a bigger heavier chatter bait But this thing in dirty cold water So a lot of times this time of year you're looking for that what stained water because it warms up faster That's the water that gets the warmest the fastest and you get to pre spawn active fish in there And this is a big fish hunter think of the same theory as a swim bait big bait big fish This is big blade makes a ton of commotion in the water and we'll get you a bigger bite And I know that a lot of terminators are really surprised that this one hasn't taken off And if you were there were every time you're to gain confidence in something like this an oversized chatter bait. It's right now Lastly this one and you've all probably heard of this one plenty and this is that creds from Berkeley But I had to throw something in there for scoping And honestly with the sail going on right now. I can't believe these things are still so we got another shipment of them These things have flown out twice As fast as can be and we've ordered them in pretty high volume and there's a bunch of colors in stock right now So if you are a scopper it is spring it is jerk bait season This is jerk spelled backwards because it goes backwards So get yourself some crudges while they're in stock now. Enjoy spring go catch them and save 20% right now at omniafishing.com You You (upbeat music) (upbeat music)