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SPRO CJ Swim Jig and CJ Flip Jig Breakdown | Polish Pete

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Pete has two new jigs from SPRO to breakdown from one of the top Canadian Bassmaster Elite anglers, Chris Johnston!

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Video Transcription

What's up everybody? We're here with two new additions from the SPRO family of Bates. And that is the CJ or Chris Johnston swim or swim jig. And the CJ Flip, which is the Chris Johnson flipping jig. Both really cool jigs with the eye test, right? There's always the part of a jig that's got to catch a fisherman too, apparently. And it caught me, right? I do like the colors. I like the matte finishes on the head of this one here. Big feature for me, and it's a small feature to a lot of people, but just because of geography where I live. On planet Earth here in the upper part of the Midwest, vertical line ties like this mean a lot to me. I don't like horizontal line ties as much up here in particular because of the fact that I'm coming through so much vegetation. When you're fishing where I live, most bodies of water you go in, there's water in it, or there's grass in an inch of water and there's grass in 20 foot of water. So you're always going to come in content with grabby, snaggy things. And that vertical line tie allows you to clean the bait a lot nicer and a lot easier. When you're not in your horizontal line, horizontal line tie in the front there, they're almost create like a bulldozer effect and they scoop up a lot more stuff. It does make them better for coming through hard cover than this vertical line tie that tends to want to dig in. But this digs into that vegetation kind of cuts through it. So I really like that. I think you could tell Chris is from Canada. They have very similar natural bodies of water to what I grew up fishing. So that style of jig head is more my style. I want to call it a modified archie, but it's pretty wide for a modified archie. But it is. It's sort of a modified archie and a matte finish. It's got a lead keeper on it on the back of the collar there. It's got a Gamakatsu hook in it and it's got a pretty soft weed guard here. So it's more of a modern style flipping jig that's more compact. Right up my alley, to be honest with you. So this is certainly a jig I want to check out here. If you're in the market to try out some new more compact finessie style flipping jigs, this thing's pretty solid. I've got a nice heavy dude. The hook looks small, but man, I'm going to tell you, this is a heavy duty Gamakatsu. This is not a light wire hook by any means. You could use a big rod with this jig for sure.

And then you got the swim jig here. And this is once again, uh, showing that Chris is a Canadian here, uh, very similar to the style of swim jigs that work best around my neck of the woods, where I'm here in Minnesota, very similar bodies of water to where Chris is from in, uh, Ontario there, uh, natural bodies of water, lots of vegetation. This style of swim jig does the best for us. I love the colors on these things so far. It's got a lead style keeper on it. Uh, it's got a Gamakatsu hook in it, uh, but it's got that vertical line tie perfect for cutting through that thick vegetation. A lot of times when you talk to people about swim jigs from down south, you hear swim jig and our buddy, Wes Logan there always talks about that he likes to pop his rod and do kind of the Alabama Shake. They call it that style swim jig fishing where I'm at. We do a little bit better, just kind of straight retrieving it winding it like a crank bait through the vegetation and when you contact thick vegetation or hard cover of any kind, you kind of give it a crack to clear it and bust it through and get that reaction bite that way. So cool jigs here, great offerings from SPRO and the CJ Flip and the CJ Swim. Check both of these out on the site now. (upbeat music)