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SPRO Megalojohn Breakdown | Polish Pete

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Another large swimbait is on the market thanks to SPRO and John Crews. Can you guess where the name came from?

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Video Transcription

We got another player in the big swimbait game. This one here is the Megalojohn from SPRO. I shouldn't say big nowadays, as you see, we've got one pound plus swimbaits out there. But six inches still a pretty decent size swimbait. When you look at just the world of baits out there for bass, six inches on that, starting to get into that big size range. And this is probably the most confidence-inducing size in swimbaits right now for a guy like myself. Or people that are not true swim baitors, the real big bait specialist out there. This is a really comfortable size swimbait to play around with. It's a forage-based size for bass all over the entire country. So you're not overdoing it being anywhere, whether you're in Canada all the way down through South America, fishing for a largemouth bass or whatever species of bass you're after. This is not too big a swim bait for them.

It does come, I think this is pretty slick, with a little magnet here, with a little corkscrew on it, that you can screw into this little hole in the bottom of the bait here. You screw that into there, and then that will actually help you attach the treble hook to the belly, and it won't fall down in front, or get snagged up as easy. And you could probably get a little bit more aggressive with your casting. So you're doing any really hard sidearm throws underneath cover, things like that. This should, in theory, keep that hook pinned to the belly once you screw this magnet in there. You obviously don't need to put the magnet in there if you don't want. You could stick a single hook from the treble inside the belly. That's the way I always did it with some of the old line throughs I would fish or harnessed swimbaits like this one. It does rip after a while. It does become a little bit of an issue, so the magnet is a better idea to kind of screw that up in the belly there and attach it.

If you see here, we grabbed this color because you can sort of see that there's an internal weighting system inside of here, and this whole harness system to a swiveled spinning Gamakatsu hook, which is, that's a plus in itself right there. The fact that you're getting a Gamakatsu hook is a big deal. It's a premium treble hook that should hold up to stiff rods and really heavy line. So if you are getting into this world of swimbait fishing, you want to get confident throwing this style of swimbait you want to throw some bigger lines, some 20 plus pound test fluorocarbon, or even straight braid. I know that's a no-no a lot of times in the swimbait world, but it does happen quite a bit. I've got some friends that are better than me with big baits that throw a lot of straight braid, and it gets the job done. But a big quality hook like that is going to help you in landing those fish.

This bait was designed by John Crews, hence the name Megalojojn, with the intention of being a more versatile version of this style swimbait than the other ones that were on the market. John really worked hard at making sure this thing with the way that fins are and all the appendages on it here were helping it track straight, run true in the water column, and be able to be fished at slow and fast speeds. Typically you find with this style of swimbait it does one thing really well, whether it be slow rolled or it's a burning style swimbait where you can burn it really fast. So John really worked on this one so that it would be a versatile swim bait that you could slow roll or fish quick through the water column and try and get that reaction bite as well.

So high end terminal on this one here and that additional feature of being able to screw in the magnet here and get your hook attached to the belly that way instead of a clip or stick in the hook into the swim bait itself, being versatile, being able to be able to fish slow and fast. And I honestly have to say the shape of it is what I've found most impressive. It's a little bit more shad shaped or a little bit more bait fish shaped. There's a little taller, thicker body than some of the other ones. Does have a high quality feel to it. Feels pretty durable, but I haven't fished with it. So you know what that means? I guess I'm taking this one home. So if you're in the market for a six inch soft body swimbait with a harness on it, you should try out the SPRO Megalojohn. Let us know what your thoughts are on this one. [MUSIC PLAYING]