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SPRO Sashimmy Swimmer Breakdown | Polish Pete

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SPRO is bringing back a kind of bait that was mostly discontinued and it's a hit! Some of us at the office have already fished with it and we think it never should have left.

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Video Transcription

Check these out. This is the new SPRO Sashimmy Swimmer in both sizes that it's available in right now, which is the 105 and the 125. I bet you this style of bait looks familiar to a lot of you. For a while there, there was a bunch of multi segmented swimbaits out there on the market, and a lot of them didn't hang on very hard. They just didn't do the job as well as people wanted them to. There was one that kind of stuck out. In particular, if you're into this style of bait, you know exactly what I'm talking about. I believe it was called the Sabile Magic Swimmer, and it had a real niche in certain parts of the country with certain forage bases. It's where it really shines. It did work everywhere. I actually have some friends in the salmon and the big trout world that loved that bait that thought it was one of the more productive baits, hard baits that were out there. But that bait is no longer in production to my knowledge. I know maybe there's some of them still around, but SPRO kind of came out with two sizes here and a bait very similar to that style of bait that works just like that bait did with certain forage bases. And I'm the one I'm going to point out the most is herring-based fisheries. I know like down in the southeast in the Carolinas, northern Georgia, and anywhere there's a big herring presence, this style of bait works very well.

It is a chunking bait , as I said. You just kind of wind and retrieve it and it swims in that S pattern. But the colors are very shad based. There are obviously some perch ones and things like that too. These do work all over the country very well. It's a very well-made bait. SPRO making these, you're getting better terminal, I guess, and you call it. Then you're going to get from most manufacturers with the upgraded kind of split rings and O rings. And then you get the Gamakatsu hooks as well on all SPRO baits. The finishes are really, really nice on these. If you are a tournament angler, I'm sure you're well aware of this style of bait and it's cool to see SPRO kind of fill in the gap of this bait that's been out there for a while. Or if you're a recreational angler and you're getting into different styles of hard baits, this is a cool one to fill out kind of your arsenal because it is it's not a glide. It's not like it's a slow sinking straight up retrieve it kind of swim bait and it does work. It does catch him. So excited for to hear from all you guys what you think about the new SPRO Sashimmy Swimmers. [BLANK_AUDIO]