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Strike King Rage Hawk Breakdown

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Here's a unique ned bait from Strike King! A ned presentation is usually very subtle and finesse-y but this has Rage in it so it kicks like crazy on the fall.

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Video Transcription

New from our friends at Striking is the Rage Hawk. So this thing is like a Ned worm. It's like a ribbed little Ned worm, but it's got kicking appendages on it. But way up on the body here, so I'm really interested to see how this thing looks in the water. Definitely a new take on kind of a Ned Rig bait. So let's take it over to the tank and see what it looks like.

Rage Hawk. So we got a kicking finesse worm application. But now that I'm playing with it though, I see it more than a little Ned bait. This is a really cool little bait to have like a finesse Texas rig on too. Fish it more grassy application. It's not as buoyant as some, but it definitely has a lot more action. It's a cool, unique bait. It looks like one of those things that will get bit. Check out the Strike King Rage Hawk. [MUSIC]