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Tackle Breakdown: Shimano Calcutta Conquest

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Pete breaks down the Shimano Calcutta Conquest, designer for all of you big bait anglers out there!

    Video Transcript

    What's up everybody? This one's for all you Big Bait Weirdos. That's right. The big glide stuff and the big big swimbaits. I'm talking stuff that's well over a few ounces of weight like you start getting the big big baits. This is the reel for you. This is the Calcutta Conquest specifically designed for swim bait fishing. I grabbed the 300 size here because that's kind of my style. I tend to run my reels a little bit smaller. We do have a 400 size as well but this reel has a SVS braking system which is designed specifically to reduce backlashes when throwing larger baits. So if you're targeting bigger fish with bigger baits and you're running bigger equipment let's just say that that musky size equipment big long rods big big baits. This is a reel that is tuned specifically for that. This does feature a Haganee body from Shimano which you know it's overbuilt. This is a bar stock aluminum. This thing feels like a tank in your hands and it does have their micro module gearing which is more efficient gearing. It's more contact in the teeth so it does feel more connected to the reel as you turn the handle. I will say this thing does feel very machine-like as you turn the handle. There's no questioning that this is all metal stuff in here. It feels overbuilt which is nice and it gives it's confidence inspiring when you think about throwing some big line on here and a very expensive three four five six hundred dollar lure on it which is absolutely mind-boggling but people do do it. Trust me go do your own research. So if you're in to throwing those big baits and you want a reel that's specifically designed for doing that justify those big bait purchases check out this absolutely beautiful swim bait classic here with Shimano Calcutta conquest.