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Tackle Breakdown: Shimano Expride Solid-Tip Rods!

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Polish Pete showcases the new Shimano Expride Solid Tip spinning rods and what makes them unique from a normal rod. These are built with Forward Facing Sonar in mind.

Video Transcript

Rods, rods, and more rods. I don't know what it is but the last couple of week we've been getting a whole bunch of new rods in here. And a lot of them are themed around, you guessed it, forward facing sonar. These ones I'm gonna talk about now from our friends over there at Shimano, actually snuck in and out before we got to talk about them a couple of times, we haven't been able to get them in kind of high enough quantities to really focus in on them. But these are the new solid tip versions of the very, very popular Expride family. In many people's opinions, including this guy's after doing a bunch of bed tests on the wall, with these, which we'll be getting into later, these are very nice rods for the money. These are argued amongst a lot of hardcore anglers being some of the best bang for the buck rods on the market and for a good reason. They feel that way in hand, and they fish that way according to all my friends out there who've argued me for a long time, and these things are the deal. And bending them here, I can see why. And these are no different. Bending this medium power one here, I was extremely impressed. The blanks seem really, really thin in diameter, which is very similar to what I saw recently on a trip to Japan myself. That the blank diameters were much thinner on these solid tip rods over in Japan than I'd seen over here in the States before in the past. They do offer this rod both in  6'10" and a medium power that I just had, and this one here is a medium heavy. So obviously if you're gonna go to that, five, six, seven inch minnows that a lot of people are shaking on forward facing cylinder now, this would be your rod. If you're gonna throw the lighter stuff, the smaller ball heads and smaller minnows, you go to this medium here. Both of these are super impressive. They're coming around 300 bucks. What you need to do is stay tuned. We have a new technique page landing in here shortly for the forward facing cylinder technique of mid strolling or hover strolling, where we're gonna feature a bunch of these type of rods, do bend tests on them and show you all the tackle, and all the stuff that goes in doing that whole pinging the minnow thing. But here's two rods from Shimano. If you're into pinging a minnow, you should go check out right now. Expride solid tips from Shimano.