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Toad Thumper Craw Gill Breakdown | Polish Pete

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Toad Thumper got recommended to us from Ricky who works for us down in Kentucky and we can't believe we didn't know about this Craw Gill before!

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Video Transcription

What's up everybody, it's Polish Pete and I'm coming to you with a little tackle breakdown from Toad Thumper. This thing is called the Craw Gill. I didn't, I hadn't heard of this bait at all, our buddy Ricky down in Kentucky that works for us here at Omnia Fishing. He was the one who brought these to our attention. He actually ordered them first time around for us and they showed up here. And I'm going to tell you, we talk about this a lot here with catch a fishermen versus catch a fish. This is, this thing looks like the most fish, snatchin' little morsel I've played with it in a long time. I'm pretty impressed with it. I had to take it out of the package to really understand how cool this thing was. It's got that deep rib feature which a lot of us do like on a lot of our plastics that are used as jig trailers or Texas rig. It does create a little bit more disturbance on the water in a different fall action than a lot of solid plastics would. It's got a very durable head on the tip of the bait here for multiple rigging characteristics. It's got a little kind of bump out here too to kind of hide as your hook kind of comes out if you're Texposing it. To make the bait a little bit more streamlined behind the weight. Very impressed with the design of this bait. The more detail that is the more you put in your hand. The flanges on the appendages are a lot bigger when you take it out of the package and feel them than they looked in the package. This thing is going to have a really substantial amount of kick to it for us being so small and having such small appendages on it. Which is kind of the craze nowadays. It's kind of what the fish have been showing us that they want. So whether I'm rigging this on a jig or a Carolina rig or Texas rig in it. To me this looks like a killer little Texas rig bait as well as a jig trailer. I think it serves both purposes extremely well and it's something I'll be adding to my arsenal. So check out this Craw Gill from Toad Thumper and let us know what you think. [Music]