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VMC Sleek Jig Breakdown | Polish Pete

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Some baits go under the radar even when used by the top pros! Cody Huff loves the Sleek Jig and you will to if you like forward facing sonar or multi-species fishing.

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Video Transcription

VMC Sleek Jigs. This is an example of why you need to pay attention a lot of times when really good people at fishing are talking. This thing flew right way under the radar for me. My fault on that, I hadn't even really keyed in on them when we were looking at VMC's offerings because we do quite a bit of Moon Eye jigs here and I just figured moon eye jigs kind of covered our bases as far as this type of jig was concerned. But Cody Huff one of the best anglers out there right now at hanging a bait, that deep suspended fish, targeting deep suspended fish in the world. Cody Huff is a renowned Ozarks angler for that stuff. I've done some incredible stuff with the jigging rap and all sorts of damiki rigging techniques and stuff like that winter fishing down in the Ozarks. He's one of the big name guys of doing that, look him up, but one of the tournaments this fall I believe it was Champlain, we got to see him kind of do what he does best and was was killing it at that and he featured or highlighted the fact that he was using this jig right here the Sleek Jig. So we brought them in right away and took a look at them and saw oh yeah there is some differences between this and the Moon Eye. It does have more of an oblonged head than the perfectly round pill head style the Moon Eye jig. Does have a barbed keeper on it so it does work with any types of plastics your ElaZtech or traditional salted plastics anything like that but it has this Tex Set hook as they call it or the Barbarian Style hook as it's commonly referred to across different manufacturers which is becoming more and more popular when it comes to that hanging a bait, vertical fishing any type of kind of pitching to your forward facing sonar this style of hook is becoming more and more popular. Can't tell you the exact reason why I'm sure it has something to do with your landing percentage your hookup percentage this style of hook is getting more and more popular but it was cool that Cody Huff pointed this thing out because it was it was definitely a miss by me when I didn't I didn't see the features of this hook as I was blowing through a huge VMC assortment there so we've got them in stock now got a whole bunch of colors in them they have some glow colors this is obviously a multi-species jig walleye world those guys this this has a lot of play for you even crappie fishing we've learned that this stuff is not too big for crappie fishing and they obviously have smaller sizes in this as well but take a look at the VMC sleek jig if you're looking for a new jig to try with all your different forward facing sonar techniques. [Music]