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Bob Downey Wheeler Lake Preview

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Bob Downey gives his thoughts on the upcoming Bassmaster Elite Tournament on Wheeler Lake.

Video Transcript: 

Hey guys Bob Downey here. We are just about to head south to Alabama for the Elite Series tournament on Wheeler Lake. We're gonna be there mid-June this year. So what I 'm looking for is primarily a post-spawn summertime bite down there. I've actually never been to Wheeler before. I have fished at Tennessee River a decent amount in summertime. I've never been to Wheeler. But what I think I'm gonna be looking for most is number one offshore ledge fish that might be shallow, mid-range or deep, dependent on kind of how I seal it out and what I find in practice. But Wheeler is a little unique in that some of their backwater pockets are spring-fed. So you can get some fish activity in the back ends of some of these backwater pockets due to that. One thing that's really cool with the Omnia Pro app is the water temperature layer. I don't know where these springs are on the lake. But my hope is to be able to use that water temp layer to find those cooler water areas on Wheeler. If I can find some of those backwater areas that are cooler it might have a population of shallow fish which would fit my strength a lot better than ledge fishing. I grew up fishing shallow, power fishing shallow and I'm definitely gonna keep that honest in the water temp layer. Hopefully it will help me find those areas. Not only that but the new you know contour layer that we have through the Pro app, super detailed cont ours. Going to show me specific ledges, maybe little stopping points on the outside, the spawning pockets where those fish are first getting to as they move into those summertime haunts . Those will be key areas and then shallow stump flats can be a big deal on Tennessee rivers and it 's easier to target now for facing. Those are great stopping points too that you can throw a drop shot, a Nikko, a jig, at those sorts of deals. So offshore leds fishing, shallow mid-range deep led ges and then maybe some backwater fish depending on if I can find some of those springs or not that still has some activity is what I'm looking for at Wheeler Lake coming up for the Elite Series event. [Music]