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BaitFuel Bait Fuel Hardbait Stick 1/2 oz
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BaitFuel Bait Fuel Hardbait Stick

1/2 oz

Size: 1/2 oz

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BaitFuel Bait Fuel Hardbait Stick 1/2 oz BaitFuel Bait Fuel Hardbait Stick 1/2 oz
1/2 oz


Product Description

The BaitFuel X55 Freshwater Hardbait Stick is a versatile alternative to traditional fish attractants. Designed to stick to any hard bait, it can be used on a variety of lures such as jerk baits, spinnerbaits, glide baits, frogs, crankbaits and even soft plastics. With a twist-up tube and Fish Active Scent Technology, it provides easy application and long-lasting use.

Historically, anglers will run across a wide variety of products in the aisle where you can purchase baits that have scents or in the scent aisles themselves. Many of these are what might appeal to humans and their sense of smell or taste, whereas what appeals to a fish are actually compounds that the fish would normally be looking for when feeding. What BaitFuel aimed to accomplish was to identify key components that could be added to a bait that stimulate a bite, without just throwing the kitchen sink at it. BaitFuel accomplishes this goal by creating the most effective fish attractant on the market while using the least amount of additional ingredients that fish don't care about. 

Through hundreds of experiments and randomized tests, BaitFuel generated reliable data and results, where they took the best candidate compounds and endured additional experimentation to determine which compounds actually worked most effectively. From there, the proper concentrations, amounts, and ratios were engineered to generate the maximum response from bass during their test trials. Through these tests, the optimal level of added stimulants was achieved, in the creation of the first-ever fish attractant designed for a bass' sensory receptors (and not for a human's sense of smell and taste), BaitFuel.

  • 0.5 oz twist up tube
  • BaitFuel relies on science...real science and is proven to increase your catch rates
  • Fast x55 Formula is designed for a fish's sensory receptors, not the fisherman's
  • Fish Active Scent Technology (F.A.S.T.) stimulates a fish's predatory instinct

 WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.