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Deps GiraGira Kougeki Deadly Keta Hasu / 14 1/2"
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  • Deadly Keta Hasu / 14 1/2"

Deps GiraGira Kougeki

Deadly Keta Hasu / 14 1/2"

Color: Deadly Keta Hasu
Recommended Water Clarity:
Size: 14 1/2"
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Product Description

The reigning King of baits from legendary Japanese swimbait maker, Deps, the GiraGira Kougeki is a monster swimbait meant for targeting the biggest bass that swim. This magnum flat-sided hard swimbait offers a strong flash and tremendous fish-attracting profile that has a wide sliding action as it jumps and darts from side to side. The name GiraGira Kougeki translates to "Glitter Attack", which is a name fitting for the amazing action, flash, and enormous presence that can be seen from far away and its wide gliding action is the perfect bait to appeal to the predatory instincts of giant bass. 

With a 300mm (11.8 inches) body length, the GiraGira Kougeki has flat sides that create intense water movement while its rear joint aids in creating a larger, more exaggerated gliding distance with each turn. The jointed section of this bait can be adjusted for different actions, but was intentionally built to allow for a massive side-to-side swimming action. With an attachable wire guard, anglers can fish the GiraGira Kougeki near standing timber, rocks, and laydowns while preventing getting hung up - giving the confidence needed to put this bait close to cover, where predatory giants wait to ambush prey.

The three hook design features premium 3/0 trebles with #6 split rings and swiveled hook hangers to reduce the likelihood of fish tossing the bait and improving landing ratios, which is often a challenge presented by large hard swimbaits. At the rear of the bait is a plastic tail made from elastomer, which pushes water forcefully and imparts the wide exaggerated action of the bait. These elastomer tail fins can also be purchased separately and can be quickly replaced if damaged. 

Yet another masterpiece from Deps, the GiraGira Kougeki is a bonafide trophy bass hunter that has the drawing power to crush double-digit bass like no other!

  • Length: 370mm (14.5")
  • Weight: 330g (11.8 oz)

Notes from Deps about proper storage of the GiraGira Kougeki:

* Please keep the tail in the case so that it will not get bent.

* Do not store with other hard lures or soft lures as it may cause deformation, discoloration, melting, etc.

 WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -









GiraGira Kougeki



11.8 oz

3/0 Trebles

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Deadly Keta Hasu
14 1/2"
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Half Mirror Wakasagi
14 1/2"
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