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Lowrance ActiveTarget 2 System (Module + Transducer + Mounts) ActiveTarget 2 System (Module + Transducer + Mounts)
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  • ActiveTarget 2 System (Module + Transducer + Mounts)

Lowrance ActiveTarget 2 System (Module + Transducer + Mounts)

ActiveTarget 2 System (Module + Transducer + Mounts)

Model: ActiveTarget 2 System (Module + Transducer + Mounts)
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Product Description

NOTE: This product is available online only. Not available for in-store pickup.

Catching fish is easier when you can see them interacting with structure and responding to your lure – in real-time – with Lowrance high-resolution ActiveTarget 2 Live Sonar. ActiveTarget 2 gives you the highest resolution, in the widest and clearest live views of fish and structure. By watching fish respond to your lure in real-time, you can make the quick adjustments that make the difference and help you catch more fish.

Delivering a smoother and more consistent image across the entire range, ActiveTarget 2 shows you exactly what's going on under the surface in real-time with unmatched visual clarity, definition, and target separation. Get the best picture every time with optimized image and stabilization settings that deliver crisp and clear live-action views of fish and structure, even in rough conditions. 

Thanks to enhancements to the beam broadcast from the ActiveTarget 2 system, anglers will see more detailed images at greater distances from the boat than ever before. Quickly recognize if your lure presentation is working or if you need to make an adjustment to get fish to strike – information that is harder to get from traditional sonar or structure imaging.

With three modes of imaging (Forward, Down, and Scout), anglers can track fish and their lure presentation with high-resolution views no matter how they choose to fish. Using Forward and Down view, anglers can see in front of, below, and to the sides of their boat. With Scout Mode, anglers will see an ultra-wide, overhead view of structure and fish activity in front of the boat, making it perfect for finding bait balls or larger schools of fish. 

When paired with a new HDS Pro unit from Lowrance, anglers will be able to target fish better than ever by watching multiple ActiveTarget 2 views at the same time when using a second ActiveTarget 2 System on their boats. 

Compatible with HDS PRO, HDS LIVE, HDS Carbon, and Elite FS units, the new Lowrance ActiveTarget 2 will unlock a whole new level of fishing for those who want the best in live imaging!

Lowrance ActiveTarget 2 System (Module + Transducer + Mounts) Key Features:
  • Full system includes Module, Transducer, and Mounts
  • High-resolution, live-action images clearly reveal what’s happening underwater in real time
  • Clearest live-action views of fish and structure
  • Widest underwater images for quicker interpretation
  • See all around your boat with Forward, Down, and Scout views
  • See multiple views simultaneously and enable Forward+Back and Scout Wide views for more effective bait tracking ahead of the boat with a second optional ActiveTarget 2 transducer
  • Compatible with HDS LIVE, HDS Carbon, and Elite FS

 WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -



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ActiveTarget 2 System (Module + Transducer + Mounts)


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