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Developed specifically for the fishing market, Tactacam Fish-i offers anglers the perfect compact camera package to film their experience.

Constructed with a waterproof, replaceable lens system, Fish-i is one of the most versatile compact cameras on the market.   Sold separately Fish-i has the ability to add lenses – Ultra Wide and a 2x Zoom lens coming soon.

Like all Tactacam action camera’s, Fish-i is easy to use and light enough to easily attach to your boat, fishing pole, or body. A simple push of the “power/record” button will automatically have you recording with a continuous loop that allows you to save only the exact moments you want. Once your Tactacam Fish-I is on and recording, simply push the “power/record” button again when you want to save your catch, and then start all over! Yes, it’s that simple!

Tactacam Fish-i is also compatible with both the Tactacam Remote and Tactacam Fish-i app. The Tactacam Remote will allow you to turn on and run anywhere from one to five Tactacams at one time with a simple push of a button.

Waterproof up to 30 feet, Fish-i films in HD and has a low light sensor. Combined with its waterproof, durable shell, quick change mode button, external battery indicator and rugged construction…this camera is made to perform on and under the water.


  • Tactacam Fish-i wide angle action camera
  • Battery
  • Head Mount
  • USB type C with wall adapter
  • Tactacam lens cloth
  • Tactacam camera bag
  • User manual
  • Tactacam decal

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


Videos & Articles

    • Introducing the Tactacam Fish-i

      Tactacam is now available at Omnia Fishing. The Tactacam camera line was originally built for hunters. The base features that were developed for the hunting industry are the same key features that have grabbed the attention of anglers in the new Fish-i model, available for $199 from Omnia Fishing. As anglers and hunters, we are used to lots of periods of no action followed by an explosion of activity all at once. We’ve all been on more than one fishing trip where we missed the hookup because the person running the camera wasn’t recording. With a mounted Tactacam Fish-i camera and features like LOOP RECORDING, you’ll never miss these exciting events that count! Tactacam runs in 3 modes:

      • LOOP MODE: Tactacam is always recording but will only save the events you want to capture. Whenever you set the hook and reel in your catch, just hit the button on your Tactacam Fish-i camera and it will automatically mark and backtrack to save the important parts. No more missed hook sets!
      • STANDARD MODE: Fish-i can record in standard mode to give you the power to start and pause recording like a standard camera. Buttons on the exterior of the waterproof, lime-green case will allow you to have complete control. The Tactacam remote will allow you to record without touching the camera.
      • TIME LAPSE: Tactacam Fish-i is great in time lapse mode when suspended above the boat, while you prep you meals at camp, or over your campfire at the end of the day. Time lapse will save the entire event but play a long period back in an ultrafast mode. Add some background music and this is a great feature to spruce up your next Bass Utopia or Youtube video.

        Tactacam cameras were created by people who live in the outdoors. Some key features of the Fish-i make it a great tool for the water including:
      • 100% waterproof to 30 feet deep – capture those fish landings with underwater footage.
      • Records in full HD
      • Rugged exterior design
      • Films in a wide angle 170 degree view
      • Interchangeable lens to support mini zoom
      • Includes a 1-touch power on
      • App pairing for better control and sharing
      • Time lapse mode – speed up any slow activity while still capturing the event like filleting fish or sitting around the campfire.
      • Image stabilization – Take the action shock out of your full movement activities like setting a hook, reeling, or casting.
      • Remote – If your camera is mounted out of reach the remote will allow you to record without accessing the camera. This is great for Loop Mode when you’re only saving footage each time you set the hook.

      Tactacam Fish-i is great for any boat, especially kayaks. The Tactafam Fish-i includes a head strap and universal adapter. If you think the head strap is a little on the nerdy side, you can use the universal adapter to mount of any camera stand or mounting bracket. Mount options are endless and at $199, you’ll never miss another important moment on the water. Go get Bass Utopia Famous!