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Water Gremlin Bull Shot Selector Assorted
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Water Gremlin Bull Shot Selector


Weight: Assorted

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Water Gremlin Bull Shot Selector Assorted Water Gremlin Bull Shot Selector Assorted


Product Description
BULL•SHOT™ is the Gremlin’s unique BULLet shaped split shot. It’s the easy, effective way to add a little weedless weight to your line. BULL•SHOT™ works great for finesse fishing or split shottin’. It’s as easy to use as our good, old Split Shot and as weedless as any slip sinker.

Like our Split Shot, BULL•SHOT™ is made from squeezable soft lead and has an S-curved jaw that grips the line without damage. Squeeze it on with your fingers and pry it open with a thumbnail. No tools or teeth needed.

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


Panfish / Bluegill
Northern Pike


Crappie Long Lining (Pulling/Trolling)
Crappie Sniping (Casting/Single Poling)
Crappie Spider Rigging

Model NumberWeight ColorWeightMaterialQty per Package
10BSSilver1/32 oz.Lead24
10BSSilver1/16 oz.Lead12
10BSSilver1/8 oz.Lead8
10BSSilver3/16 oz.Lead7
10BSSilver1/4 oz.Lead6