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We Need More Room!

2020 was our first full year of operations and you’ve made it a great one.  As a new startup that stocks its own inventory, we rely on quick turns and holding a limited amount of inventory.  We missed a lot of sales and ran out of product often.  We feel like we let some of our customers down but we still had a huge growth year.  Thanks for your loyalty and support. We had such a big year that we’re growing our selection and depth of inventory for a much bigger 2021!  

We’ve recently stood up more racking and bins to more than double our current inventory.  The only way it would fit is if we took down some walls.  Polish Pete is a team player, so he offered to start knocking them down.  Since all of our budget is going to inventory, Pete has to use a small hammer that was laying around.  He asked if we’d run a 24-hour, 15% off site-wide promo and use some of the money for a bigger hammer.  We think it’s a great idea.  

Starting now and running to 5:30pm on 9/25/2020 we’re running a 15% off storewide, excluding Megabass, discounted products, and giftcards, with the code BIGGERHAMMER at checkout

Getcha something real nice!  Get Pete a bigger hammer.  Get WAY MORE selection in 2021.  We’re in this together!