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Follow Brands - Get Notified!

We’ve been experiencing incredible disruption in our ability to get the volume of rods and reels we need in stock. Many of our biggest brands are prioritizing Omnia because we’re growing so fast and starting to become of one their biggest accounts. We had a huge year in 2020 and we’re on track to grow almost 5 times as fast in 2021. Our brands know it and we’ll get the product but there might be some delays. Some products sell as soon as they hit our warehouse.

We’ve decided to use 2 main tools to let our customers know when specific products and brands land. In some cases, products will trickle in randomly and others will fill the back of a semi-truck. Providing timing is the hard part for our customer support team.

(1) You can use our “notify me” feature next to specific products. When our warehouse team scans the barcode on a product it automatically fires off an email to let you know it’s in stock.

(2) You can also follow a brand in your account to receive priority notice on all products that hit from those brands. Log into your Omnia account and FOLLOW the brands you use. You’ll see a new follow button at the top of each brand page. We’ll send our first notifications to customers that follow these brands as soon as they land. There’s no limit to the number of brands you can follow.

We use the details about how many people are following a brand to convince our manufacturing partners to ship to us first. We’re part of your team so be sure to get wired up for personalized notifications. We’re committed to fighting for every product you want and can get our hands on.