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Cass Lake (4)

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Smallmouth Bass


Spring (Current)
2 Fishing Reports

Cass Lake (4) Overview

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    1. Smallmouth Bass2 Reports

    Cass Lake (4) Fishing Reports

    2 Reports on Cass Lake (4)

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    • RJC

      Gold Ambassador


      • Species

        Smallmouth Bass

      • Season


      • Technique

        Drop Shot

      • Structure

        Submerged Vegetation

      • Forage


      Deeper weed beds in 13-15 FOW dragging a drop shot along the edge. It was a slow bite but quality fish! Spent the last hour of light skipping a wacky rig under docks.
    • Omnia Community Member

      Silver Ambassador


      • Species

        Smallmouth Bass

      • Season


      • Technique

        Soft Swimbaits (Sm/Md)

      • Structure

        Rock Pile

      • Forage


      It was only my second time fishing from a kayak on Cass Lake. I was fishing a tournament and stuck fairly close to the launch and worked some drop shots, flukes and frog primarily. First fish came on the drop shot. I lost 2 super solid largemouth (17-18 inches) on the fluke due to my own fault of getting distracted by a homeowner doing lawn work right next to where I was fishing (dumb I know). I ended up moving to the main lake in the last 30 minutes and just hammered fish on flukes and frogs. Upgraded 3 fish at the end and lost 3 as well. This lake surprised me since most people say it’s hit or miss.

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